Help! Should I return?

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  1. Hi everyone, so I've finally bought my first Burberry trench - the Sandringham mid length in stone color. I bought it through NAP at approx. 20% off.
    When I received the order, I realized that it didn't come with the Burberry garment bag and I'm really annoyed about that. (but they gave me their NAP one instead).
    I contacted NAP and they said that it doesn't come with a garment bag.
    Now besides the fact that I'm a bit unsure about the color/fit on me, would you return the item because it didn't come with the designer garment bag or packaging? For me, that makes the luxury purchase complete. What are your thoughts?
    And yeah 20% off is about $400-500...
  2. I think most if not all department store don't have the original designer garment bag. You are lucky your Burberry coat comes with one from the mail. If you like all the original package experience, you should have go to a Burberry store to buy it. But then you will not be able to save $500 like you did ordered through NAP. Does a garment bag more important than the money you saved? I wouldn't bother return the coat if it's not the fitting issue.
  3. Thanks good to know that most dept stores don't provide garment bags. And for the price I got it for, yeah I wouldn't bother
  4. Keep the coat, ask the boutique for a garment bag.
  5. If You meet a nice manager he or she will garmet bag for you at boutique
  6. I hadn't even thought of asking the boutique... wouldn't it be awkward as I have never made a purchase there before? Anyways, I'm planning of going in to get it tailored, so hopefully they can give me one then. Thanks!