Help: Should I return this pre-loved Croc embossed Bayswater?

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  1. Dear all,
    I just purchased a pre-loved Bayswater which has excellent interior and structure, however, I am worried about its deep embossed leather. Please see the pictures below for a few small peelings and some liftings, will the peeling get worse easily? I really want to keep it, but I worry if I need to baby the bag much? I want to be able to enjoy it and bring it for travel. Should I keep it or return it? Thanks!

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  2. Anybody has experience with the maintenance of this type of leather? Any advice would be much appreciated. Thank you.
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    I am by no means a mulberry pro. Years and years ago I bought a Mulberry congo wallet - It was worth every penny. Had i been smart at the time I would have bought some more to rotate. But anyways that was the reason I bought a chocolate congo leather small bayswater preloved a couple of years ago. I use it on regular basis, and do by no means baby it. I have not noticed any of the peeling on my(old congo) bayswater. That being said - the leather on your bag looks different than on my congo Hopefully others with more knowledge will chime in.
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  4. I'm not a pro either but agree with missframton that the leather looks very different to the items I've own in Congo leather -they just get smoother and shinier with age. This one looks very dry x