Help, should i return this coat????

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  1. #1 Feb 1, 2009
    Last edited: Feb 1, 2009
    Hi ladies, i just received my Stella Mccartney oversized wool coat from NAP:

    And i'm a bit torn whether i should return it or not...i know its supposed to be oversized, but do you think its a bit too big on me??? I'm 174cm and 52kg.



    some more pics.....i think it looks "better" with the thin belt...

    Sorry about my messy room, i just received my orders from NAP, busy trying them on....:shy:
  2. I do love the sweater, however too me, it's a bit too oversized. Can you go down one size?
  3. Looks too big to me
  4. It's a great coat, but it does look a bit too big.
  5. it looks way too baggy... i'd return it.
  6. Its sold out on NAP already.....:sad: I usually wear italian size 36, but this one they only had it in 38 whichs what i got. I think it would look better in 36, but now i don't have any choice, either return or keep it......
  7. I think it looks big.
  8. Maybe go down a size?
  9. double post
  10. Return it, I'm afraid. I feel your pain, though! It's so tempting to want to keep things that are ALMOST your size, but for me personally I'm never happy wearing them because they're just not quite right.
  11. It's not flattering at have too nice a body to be hiding it under all that wool! I think it's wayyyy overpriced for what it is, too.
  12. i love it!
  13. it looks huge on you...
  14. thanks ladies for the replies!!! Im still a bit unsure, waiting for BF to come back and see what he'll say about the coat....

    I got totally broke after this NAP sale. Now i'm packing some stuffs that don't fit back into the boxes for return, one box left aside for this one.
  15. I just checked and they have a size 36 available. You should call them and see if they can exchange it for the smaller size!