Help! Should I return my epi brea?

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  1. I went to the LV store today to find a practical winter bag, hopefully something in Damier Ebene to replace my heavy Hampstead.

    I ended up trying on an Epi Brea MM in Rubis and falling for it. Now I'm feeling regret - the Brea isn't big enough to handle A4, and my iPad only fits if I take the case off. AND the one I got was the store display, though I couldn't see anything wrong with it. And I wear a red coat during winter, so a white Brea might be better.

    To make matters even weirder, there's THE SAME BAG, unused, on auction bought the same boutique I go to for about $170 less than I paid.

    What do I do? Return my Brea and get the one from Ebay? Maybe get the GM? Buy a new coat? Ack, I'm so confused. Help!!
  2. Get the gm or buy a damier ebene.
  3. Ha, or I could return it and hope the rumors are true and your Damier Ebene Galliera becomes publicly available. Do want! /drool

    I've always wanted a red bag, and this is really nice looking. And I'm graduating soon, so maybe carrying documents isn't such a big thing. Anyone know if the Brea GM is really clunky?
  4. ^Yes the Galliera in ebene would be the perfect bag!! I'd keep the MM Brea but if not get the GM, I don't think it's clunky at all.
  5. It is so easy to lose focus when you enter the boutique! I think you need to return what you bought. It is not the right bag for you. It does not meet your needs. You stated you went for something practical and this bag is not practical if you can't fit your stuff and if you have to buy a new winter coat! I am also pretty sure it weighs as much as or more than your Hampstead! Ugh!

    Enough said!

    Return it.
  6. If you're not in love with it then return it. If it makes your heart flutter at the sight of it then keep it. Personally I think the bag is beautiful.
  7. I think it's pretty too! Here it is on big ol' me, copied from the plus-size clubhouse. Sorry for the setting and the crummy clothes, I had to make this a late-night sneak shoot because I wasn't sure if I wanted to spring this bag on the DH:


    But keeping in mind what DesigningStyle said, I'm leaning towards returning it. I guess I got caught up in the redness of it - I always wanted a red bag, especially one that could be shoulder carried - and got this when I really should've been looking for a pre-loved mono Totally (I so don't trust myself with virgin vachetta) or something similarly practical.

    But it's pretty...ack. It really IS so easy to get distracted in the boutique! I don't think I've ever come out of the store with what I went in there to buy.
  8. I personally LOVE the red! It is less common and so pretty. Good luck with your decision.
  9. I would return it and get something that you LOVE... for that kind of we spend on bags, I have to love something (or at least really like it :biggrin:), KWIM? I think you definitely have doubts about whether it's for you or not.

    You said you want something practical, big enough to hold A4, and lighter than your Hampstead... so a Totally might be the perfect bag, you could also look at more versatile colors in the Brea, I love this bag a bit more in the other colors it is offered in... it just seems like they would go with more.

    Oh and I totally understand getting distracted in the boutique... happens to me almost every time and I usually end up getting so frustrated that I don't buy anything. :P
  10. Don't listen to me, but that's a GORGEOUS bag, OMG! I love the red and it looks so cute on you..... just had to say.... I'm a big rubis fan and wish I could have some rubis.... good luck on your decision, I can see how you got distracted by that baby!
  11. I have that exact bag (bought it almost one month ago). I love love love my Brea MM in rubis.
    BUT, if you are having significant second thoughts, then return it.
    I think the style of the bag looks great on you. I wear my rubis Brea very frequently (then again, my wardrobe is a sea of black, gray, etc.)
    Silly as it sounds, the red bag makes me feel sassy!
    I think the bottom line is this .... you paid a lot for the Brea. You could have purchased almost any other LV bag. If you don't feel "sure" when you look at it, then return it. You can always buy it again later.
  12. i always go with boutique over ebay. $170 is not worth the trouble. only return it if you don't like the bag itself.
  13. Get the GM!
  14. i would not return it to the boutique for the ebay one as you are only saving $170 - which is still a lot of money, but there is postage and possible hassle involved - but if you are not loving it, i would return it and pick something you will really use.
  15. I would stick with boutique.