Help Should I Purchase a Monogram Rivets Bag

  1. This week I purchased a black Neo Cabby from my local LV store. When I picked it up my SA had gone home sick but the bag was all packaged and waiting for me. I was in the neighborhood today so I stopped by to say thank you and check out some new goodies and in the display case as you enter the store was the Monogram Canvas Rivets Bag. I had seen pics of these but never in person. It is so beautiful. I was so taken by it I had to take a closer look. I had my SA take it out so I could look at it...ohhh so pretty. It wasn't a bag I had thought about but buying but then again I hadn't seen it in person. I was so in love I even put all my stuff in to see if it fit. Perfection!!!

    Anyway I was so taken by it I wanted to purchase it right then and there. This bag really spoke to me and I really want it for my collection. They had just gotten 3 in but quickly sold 2 out of the three. its there last one...the problem is I am a freelancer who is currently unemployed. I have a job interview on Monday for a 10 week gig at a good sallery. If I get it I could charge it and pay it off immedietly...if I don't get the gig it would take a while. My SA is holding it until Monday night.

    I have tried to stop impulse spending. Has anyone else seen this bag? Am I crazy to have fallen in love so quickly? Are these hard to find. Any please...

  2. IMO, it would be better if you wait for your gig so that your confident enough that you would not worry how to pay for the bag or how long it would take you to pay for the bag. i think its just your impulse talking there honey.
    about the bag, its gorgeous no doubt about that
    hope this helps
  3. It is a beautiful bag no doubt, but I agree with BagNuts that you should probably wait to make sure you get your gig. Although the bag is not common, it's not rare either. Eluxury periodically gets restocked with this so if you keep checking there, you should see it come back in stock within a few weeks.
  4. Thanks ladies. I have to say I have been so much better about the impulse buy as far as bags go. I travel a lot so only so many bags in my collection were being used. I have to carry a laptop to and from work all the time so I was finding only certian kinds of bags were really suiting my purposes. I sold all my impractical bags and things i never use and restarted my collection back in Jan. I have promised myself to only buy stuff I will really get use out of or that realy speaks to me...that is special.
    I love this bag so it's on hold til Monday. If I get my gig and I still feel I can't live without it...
    I will have a new addition to my collection. It realy is pretty fabulous.
    Keeping my fingers crossed.
  5. if you buy a bag, make sure you think it over and over and over if it's the one you really want cause it's gonna make a major dent in your income. good luck!
  6. OMG, bagnut, you have the bag I would kill for. When they came out I was too late, they sold the last one. I was in vegas with my BF...Enjoy:drool:
  7. I would buy it's LE. I have the Lambskin Rivet in the beige:yahoo:, and I love it...I get a ton of complements when I wear it....
  8. Good luck with your job interview, the bag you can find again if need be.
  9. I got the job and ended up with a LE patchwork denim pouch instead. I ahve been wanting the patchwork for months and its harder to find....and I know I will use it.
  10. Congrats on your job!!! And congrats on your new bag!
  11. I agree with everyone. You should wait until you buy the bag even though it is really pretty.