Help! Should I order from the boutique or online?

  1. I have a big dilemma. I recently inquired on a Bottega Veneta pink (magnolia)woven hobo at my local BV boutique. The SA I spoke to said that she'd find out when they'll be getting it or if another boutique has it. She promised to call me as soon as she'd get the info. I gave my personal information, and so I waited--for three days!!! She never called me back, so I called her and left a message with someone else, because she was off that day. Then, she called me back the next day and asked what I needed--hello?!? I asked if she knew anything about the bag, she didn't know exactly on what date they would get one. :sad:

    Anyway, I've been looking at the BV website, and saw another pink bag that I'd like to get. So, I called the store again to ask whether if I ordered online who would ship the bag to me--the main distributor or any of the boutiques. Lucky me, :wtf: the person who answers the phone is the same SA that supposedly is helping me with the hobo bag. Yes, she recognized who I was, and I had to tell her I was interested in a second bag and was thinking about pre-ordering it online. She immediately offered to get info on this new bag and took my phone number again (didn't she have it already??), and promised to call me back again ASAP (here we go again)...
    As expected, it's been two days now and nothing, she hasn't called me yet...:confused1:

    That SA has my address and phone numbers, and even credit card information!! (she asked for it, I guess to secure the sale) I don't know if she would charge my credit card as soon as she gets the bag at the store or when I pick it up. Should I just go ahead and order from the BV website and pay taxes and shipping charges? or should I wait and have the SA to call me when one of the two handbags is available at her boutique?

    I don't know if it's appropriate to ditch her. What do you think guys?
  2. Any advice please?
  3. You could wait a bit longer and if she does not contact you again then get the bag online. I normally give an SA a week to find out information. If you do choose to get the bag online you should let her know right away so she does not charge you for the bags. :smile:
  4. I would call the store again, and request for another person to assist me. This SA you've been in contact with seems to have very poor follow up skills, so I'd rather not deal with her.

    I always feel it's better to have a person help me out with a purchase, so that I can always go back to that person if any problem arises.

    See if there's another SA who can help you out with your purchase. Otherwise, I would order from online as a last resort. And def let the SA know so that you won't get charged!

    G'luck with your purchase, and I can't wait to see pics! :yes:
  5. Thanks for your words, guys. I'll wait a few more days to see if she contacts me, maybe until the end of this week. Then, if I don't hear from her, I'll call the store and talk to someone else. I want to make sure I don't get charged unless I authorize it. Thanks.
  6. I would request another more helpful SA. You are the customer and are ready, willing and able. I hate non-responsive SA's.
    Good luck and post pictures when you get your bag.:yes:
  7. Wow! That's embarrassing to BV. My SA is wonderful about following up. I'd find someone else in the store that's convenient to you or call the personal shopper on the BV online site, Ana. She's very helpful.