Help! Should I or shouldn't I?

  1. I just sold a $400 bag on eBay and in my auction stated payments accepted via Paypal to confirmed addresses ONLY. The buyer already sent payment but not only is the address listed not confirmed, she is requesting that I send the bag to a different address from the one Paypal has listed (same apartment complex, but different apartment #) and she supplied me with her phone number. It does say that the buyer is "Verified" with Paypal. I'm trying to get her to update her address info and confirm it by adding a CC # but she hasn't done that yet but she is getting anxious about when she can expect to receive the bag. Should I stand firm and wait for her to do her part with Paypal, or should I go ahead and send it to the new address with insurance/tracking/delivery confirmation (which I was going to do anyway)? I'm scared of a chargeback...or her possibly claiming she never got the bag or that someone else used her Paypal account. What should I do? :confused1:
  2. To be covered by PP you MUST send it to the confirmed address - no exceptions.

    It needs to be signed for as well since it's over $250.
  3. yikes...well the thing is, she can't claim someone else used her paypal account if she logged in from the same computer. paypal logs everyone's unique computer IP address (not the same as wireless IP). did she say WHY she wanted the bag sent to a different address?
  4. She moved into a larger apartment. She has good FB on eBay, but it looks like it's mostly for smaller purchases.
  5. Just PP coverage that great anyway? I've read several posts that they're pretty useless when it comes down to it. LOL!! I'm so confused!!! :wacko:
  6. Is there a way to tell if a person sent you a payment via Paypal using their CC or a balance in theiri Paypal account?
  7. JMO, but if she is that anxious to get her bag, is it really to much trouble to update her address with Paypal? What would that take her, like 5 minutes? I would try explaining to her that it's for her protection. That if someone had stolen her CC, wouldn't she rather a seller be diligent about sending to the billing address?
  8. I would not do it. Ask the buyer to get her new address confirmed or just refund her money and ask for a Money order or wire. Explain to her that you will not be protected by Paypal and if she wants the bag she can assume the 'risk'.

    I've done this and the buyer has sent me a MO.

    You need to protect YOU first.
    Good luck!
  9. i would not send it to her... If she wants to claim she didn't get it you will be out your money and your bag. You won't be protected.Tell her you clearly stated on your auction address must be confirmed. Refund her the money and ask her to pay thru her confirmed address & cc
  10. The same thing happened to me with a college student. She didn't confirm her address so I refunded her money. I filed as NPB and got my fees back and relisted. It's really not worth selling to an unconfirmed address! If she files a claim, your chances of losing the claim is much higher than if you shipped to a confirm address. I wouldn't want to risk $400 on that!
  11. Can you speak to the apartment building management to confirm she has moved?
  12. Just ask her to make sure she updated the billing address on one of her credit cards, than change and verify her address on paypal. Five minutes, and no more issues.
  13. Agreed :yes: Give her some time to make this new address confirmed with paypal. If she can't, then refund her money.

    Yes, the seller protection program really works!! A buyer did a chargeback on me months after receiving the item and telling me how beautiful it was, but I had followed all of paypal's guidelines and they returned the money to my account :tup: