HELP!!! Should I, or should I not??????

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  1. Hi everybody!!!! Hope everyone is well.

    So I've been debating this issue in my head for the last couple of days and I'm sill not sure what should I do so I wanted to see what you guys think.

    I'm completely in love with the Stephen Sprouse collection that came out last year but unfortunately I didn't have money during that time to get something. But now I found the Speedy 30 grafftit that I love. I'm not sure if I should get it because I bought a Balenciaga about a month ago and last week bought the Neverfull in the roses print. Money wise it would be foolish of me to get it because I've already spent so much on two new bags but I really do love this collection and if possible I would have bought every piece of the collection. I'm afraid that if I don't get now I'll regret forever but like I said economically it would be foolish.

    What would you do??

  2. If it puts you in tough financial straits - tough in that affording essentials is difficult - then it isn't worth it. If it means delving into savings then (depending on your savings, of course!) I would say it's okay if you know you'll regret it when it's gone.

    Think of it this way... will you be kicking yourself for letting it go in a few years' time?
  3. You currently have 2 new bags to enjoy so do that first while trying to save up for the Graffiti Speedy. There will be plenty of those available once you have the $$ to spend :smile:
  4. Thanks girls for your help!
  5. agreed. save and wait, you will feel MUCH better about your purchase if there is no guilt tied to it, and then you will be able to truly enjoy it!
  6. ita!!
  7. I would not get it right now, but will save and wait like what all the ladies are saying.

    If the bag belongs to you, it will always for you.
    You will always find one (:
  8. save and wait. :smile:
  9. I say save and wait too. I want a bag from that collection too. But I too just bought a neverfull in Aug. And just got a Damier Canvas Hampstead last month. So I'm gonna have to wait til Nov or Jan to get a bag from the Stephen Sprouse collection.
  10. Thanks for your advice everybody. After reading everything and thinking I think I will wait. I'm going to enjoy my two new bags as well as my other ones and when the time is right hopefully there will be a Speedy Fuchsia Graffiti bag waiting to join my family :smile:
  11. you should save and wait up. now that the weather is getting a little cooler, enjoy the bags you have now and wait till end of winter at least so you can enjoy the stephen sprouse speedies in the spring!

    btw, i have all three stephen sprouse speedies and matching zippies! i've only used the pink one though because pink's my favorite color!
  12. I would save and wait .. enjoy your new purchases:smile: