Help! Should i make the big move?!

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  1. You guys are probably sick of me by now! lol.

    OK, since i got my HAC 40 in togo, i've been thinking about Birkins in togo all of the time. I feel like i NEED another Birkin and in Togo no less.

    I'm thinking about selling Kellys and taking that $ and going to King Of Prussia H to see if there's any chance i can find anything. (We go to KOP every year for Christmas shopping...) If i can't... i'll go to a reseller/3rd party again.

    What would you do if you were in my shoes? I LOVE my Kellys, but i feel like i've been bitten by the Birkin bug HARD.

    Is it impossible to find stuff at KOP Hermes, for any of you that have been?
  2. I would hate to see you sell your Kellys as they are so classic and beautiful, you will always cherish them. Do you have any other bags that you could sell to raise funds for a birkin?
  3. Ugh, no more bags. I've depleted my collection. :sad: I'm about ready to sell an arm... or maybe a leg.... a piece of brain???...
  4. Not the Kellys...they are too gorgeous! :crybaby:

    Unless you aren't enjoying them and only want Birkins...Hmmm that's a tough one...
  5. ^I second that. Kellys are beautiful and you might regret it later. Just lately I've been wanting another Birkin, too!!! It must be in the air...

  6. LOL! You crack me up, jennifleur. You sure have been bitten hard! Give it a little thought, as jag says, as your Kellys in Chevre aren't easy to come by. Not to mention that they're TDF! Good luck!
  7. Awww, thanks guys! :shame: I agree, they ARE TDF.
    Oh Mr. Lau, where are you?!?! :love::heart:

  8. Jennifleur, get your bikini ready!
  9. LOL!!!! oh, don't I know this feeling, advice is not to do anything right now. Nothing except enjoy those bags for a little while!
  10. ^^^ Excellent advice Shopmom!
  11. Shopmom, i think you're right. I should just enjoy for now. I think i need to chill. :yes::Push:
  12. Don't sell your Kellys, they are uber gorgeous!
  13. I don't think I could sell a Kelly for a Birkin....that's too harsh. A birkin will come your way soon and hopefully you won't have to give up your precious Kellys for them.
  14. birkins through a reseller seem to be priced sooo much higher than say a kelly or something....believe me I know! I would try to wait, be patient, and check out the stores...or are you able to SO one? I know the BUG well myself too! Another thing to note, for me anyway, is that my likes and such have changed quite a bit over the last 8 mo. Hermes High I've been on lol! Give yourself some time and you'll figure it out...
  15. NOoooo, keep those Chevre Kellys. They are "forever" bags! I'd rather you wait a little longer for another Birkin and hold onto your goods!!

    I'll wait right along with you if you like - I don't think I'm getting anything major from H very soon.