Help! Should I keep this patent beige/yellow B bag?

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  1. So I made an impulse purchase! I got this yellow bbag because the SA was saying it matched my skin tone, would wear well in summer and winter, etc.

    But I'm not sure it's worth the money...I want to love it. So what do you guys think? Should I keep it or return for credit and get something else? Problem is, Fendi boutique has a 10 day exchange/return policy. The only other bags I want are:
    - blue patent b bag
    - cream canvas honey bb
    (see pics below) but Fendi stores don't carry them anymore!!! Net-a-porter does though.

    Should I:
    a) just get credit for now till I'm sure?
    b) keep it?
    c) exchange for a spy? (I already have a hologram spy and wanted a b bag!)


    Here are some pics:

    Attached Files:

  2. Kosin,

    I am not one for the completely patent leather, but the new FENDI blue is a stunning color & might make me a convert. I do like the Canvas & Patent mix B a lot and own one in black, but the size I like is the mid-size B, not the small one you have in the photo. If that size works for you, it is an excellent choice.

    The bag you purchased is nice & goes with your skin color, but I think the other choices have more ZIP!:graucho: Just my 2 cents here.
  3. Kosin30, it seems like you don't love the bag you bought so I vote for a) just get credit for now till I'm sure?

    In terms of style, I like bbag the most. Blue and yellow are both beautiful, but blue pops more. =)
  4. I saw the blue patent B on sale at today. Link:

    $1730 reg. price, on sale for $1,211. I think there might be free shipping codes available for the site too. HTH
  5. [​IMG]

    I like this. But if you can exchange it for a Spy, please do. It's worth it.
  6. Thanks you guys! So basically, get credit and buy the blue patent on sale? I can't believe it just went on sale!!

    But don't you guys think it will be hard to match?

    Baglady1, is the new "Fendi Blue" you are referring to the one in my picture?

    Hmmm...does anyone know what the fall 2007 b bag colors will be?
  7. K - yes it is, they have a lot of gorgeous items made in this color & I have seen it in patent IRL- blueberry. Its a gorgeous color in my opinion, vivid blue but with a sultry classy undertone sort of IMO. Fendilover who works for Fendi outlet just bought a TDF Bag De Jour in that color.
  8. Kosin30 - it doesn't sound like you are 100% in love with this bag, so I say return it and get something you have to have. Even if it means waiting for it. Also, I always take an SAs comments with a grain of salt, it's rare for an SA to not recommend that you buy something.
    I prefer the blue bag. Plus isn't Fendi breaking sale soon?
  9. well since you are not in LOVE with it and it's not a cheap thing to be like "ehh whatever ill just keep it" i would return it because the fendi store credit is for a year so take that
  10. I like the blue better.
  11. to be honest, i prefer the blue patent one.
  12. Ohhh I love your B-Bag!!!
  13. Yeah, in certain light, it looks more tan so it looks pretty but other times, it looks waaay yellow. Sigh.

    Problem is, they don't carry the blue in the Fendi stores anymore!! =( So I don't want to get credit in the store & then buy the blue patent bag elsewhere. Arrrrgh!!!!

    Baglady1: What "Bag Du Jour" did Fendilover get in blue?? And so you saw the blue patent b bag IRL??? Was it really worth buying??? Do you think it will last without me getting sick of it? Sorry, you said "IMO"...I'm not up on my acronyms....what's that? :smile:
  14. Kosin -- I saw the small canvas & blue patent B bag....absolutely gorgeous & would recommend, haven't seen the completely patent...but expect it to be pretty nice as well.

    IMO = In My Opinion. ;)

    PS: love the kitty also!!:rolleyes:
  15. Yeah, did you actually get your cat to pose like that? Assuming that that is your cat. I love your avatar!