HELP: Should I keep this Mackage Wool Coat?

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  1. Hi everyone!

    So my parents bought me a Mackage Zahara in XS for Christmas/New Years...but I'm not sure if I want to keep it.

    What does everyone think of this coat?
    I was actually hoping for more of a modern, elegant & classy look and I'm not sure if this coat has that kind of feel to it for me.
    In additional, it is actually a little bit big on me...not sure if it is the fit that's the problem.

    If I decide on selling it, does anyone know of any places that would be good to post an advertisement on it? I bought it for $490 CAD but...I'm thinking maybe I'll sell it for less to get rid of it quickly. :graucho:

    Thanks in advance everyone!

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  2. try kijiji in canada. sold a lot of things on there.

    i LOVE that jacket though! its stunning!
  3. I'm not overly keen TBH but if uyou like it then keep it
  4. Thanks for the replies!! : )
    Yeah I think I'm going to sell it then, since it's not exactly what I want...

    I'll try Kijiji for sure!!

    Are there any other recommendations for places to post an advertisement for this coat?

    And do you think $300 CAD would be a good price to sell it for?
  5. I love this, its gorgeous I would keep it!
  6. i think the coat is great, but no sense keeping it if you don't love it. i'm not sure about the price- you could check completed listings on ebay to see what they sell for.
  7. i came back to look at the coat again...i think i really like it.
    it seemed not practical at once...but it is doable. but if you don't like it then sell it.
    what's the orig price...try 30% off first and deduct from there. it's brand new so some ppl might like it and willing to pay.
  8. If your not happy with it, then get rid of it! Just think with the funds you get from this coat you can buy something that you really like!
    For free listing sites you can try to sell it on kijiji, craigslist, bonanzle or even try a consignment shop!
    If you are willing to pay fees they Ebay is your best bet!
  9. I think it's not bad at all but if you don't like it better to let it go.
  10. I love this coat, but if you don't then get rid of it. I would say *bay is your best bet too. It really is a beautiful coat though!
  11. I love it!!! it's so unique and chic!!