Help! Should I keep this Cyclade RH part time?

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  2. It's gorgeous!!! I would say yes!
  3. It's a no from me. I'm not a fan of Cyclade but think your Sorbet is gorgeous :biggrin:
  4. Yes from me :smile:
    I just love cyclade colour. But if you're thinking of getting the city on this colour I would say yay! You already have the pt so the city might be a good change
  5. I like cyclade but would prefer the City style over the PT.
  6. I like this bag, and I like PT, bt if you have a PT already, you may get a city for trying a new look, you won't reget for the City style.
  7. For a new kid you work fast. 2 bags in 2 days? 2 threads in 2 days and with only 8 posts.
    I like your style.

    If you want a blue that is brighter consider 2010 Outreimer (spelling's wrong) or 2005 Turquoise or a number of brighter blue Bbags.......and get a City for something different.
    Don't get the Day...for reasons I discussed in your other thread.
  8. Yup. I 'v been a member for a while but most of the time I just look at other people's posts. Balencaiga just have so many color and styles! :confused1:I need help on making the decisions! :P

    I got the PT for a very cheap price since my friend got them on sale. :graucho:I also bought the Day on ebay for 800 brand new. (It doesn't look 100% new from the picture but it's ok ) The 2005 turquoise is very nice but since they came out 5 years ago, it must be hard to find one in good condition right?
  9. Ooh if you got this for really cheap then you should keep it!
    I have nothing against this bag at all and you can get a city later (maybe sooner than I think concerning your pace lol)
    I just love good bargains
  10. ^^^ buying a blue chip stock at a low price. ( no one really wants to hear about stocks, I'm sure)
    Definitely keep since you got such great deals on both. You can always sell the PT later if you find a blue you prefer.

    And 2005 Turquoise does show up in good condition but usually more expensive than a new bag.