Help - Should I Keep The JC Tube?

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Should I Keep The JC White Patent Tube Clutch?

  1. Yes! Keep It!

  2. No! Send It Back For a Refund!

Multiple votes are allowed.
Results are only viewable after voting.
  1. Well, I wouldn´t pay 413GBP for it, but if you like it you´d keep it.

    There are some bags on on sale which I like more.

    But it´s matter of taste.
  2. It is a nice clutch which will never go out of style. I would have to love it to keep it, so do you?
  3. I agree with Blueberry...its a beautiful clutch, however I wouldnt pay that much for it. When it comes to clutches, for myself anyway, I wont spend over $200-300 for one since its only something I pull out from time to time. I bought a BCBG clutch for New Years that I only spent under $200 on and now I have the extra money for a large, everyday bag.
    So, I voted to send it back, buy something cheaper and then put the rest into a fund for a larger bag later on. :tup:
  4. Yes, I agree.

    It´s not that I don´t like the cluch, it´s lovely, but a Midnight Mahala on sale costs £ 465... I just think that this cluch is too expensive.

    This evening bag is lovely too, and costs only £ 208:

    And this one £ 186:

    So I´d buy the Mahala and one of the evening bags.


    But it depends how much money do you can spend on bags and how much do you like that cluch.
  5. i think it's very plain and nothing spectacular. i think for the price, you can get something a lot nicer. if you really need a plain white clutch though, then it's up to you how much money it's worth. i like the simplicity of it, but for me, i'd not use a white clutch much.
  6. I mean clutch of course.

    Not cluch...


  7. I hate to say it but I agree with the other ladies, I'd return it. It's a great clutch but IMO overpriced. I feel confident that one will come available at a lower price if you just have to have that particular style. Just the fact that you asked leads me to believe that you don't love it anymore than you might love a much less expensive bag. If I'm wrong and you do love it, post a picture and lets see it.