Help! Should I keep or return?

  1. Hi, ALL

    I just found your wonderful forum and I'm sure I will have a great time here with you gals.

    I do need some advices from you. I just purchased this black baby beaton at NM last call sell. After received the bag I found out that the hardware is not perfect. One piece of them has some brownish discoloration, I dunno if it is scratch vs beginning of rust. other2 pieces have some signs of minor sctaches. Is this common? For bags at this price, I would imagine they are supposed to be or at least appear to be perfect. I contact the sales person online. She said that's the last one they have. I was given choice#1 full refund choice #2 another 15% off which brings the total to $600.

    If you were me ,what will you do. keep or return?

    thanks in advance for your wonderful suggestion and help.




    PIC2 minor scratches
  2. Have you tried Brasso?
  3. HMMM, that's a good question. Should I try it? I did not want to make things worse or mess things around before I decided on the returning or not. Or maybe I should give it a try.

    thank you Addy.:heart:
  4. Try using a baby wipe, then go for toothpaste, then Brasso
  5. should I used toothpaste with fluoride and tartar control?:confused1:

    :sweatdrop::sweatdrop:never mind just kidding, I'll give it a try.

    thank you so very much:tup:
  6. 15% discount is a good should take it..It's true that at the end of the season items may have some kind of discolorations..But I think that if you use your "new" bag a couple of times you will have those scratches too..
  7. Take the 15%... I think if you walk into a Burberry shop the sas will be able to tell you how to care for your bag, including the metal parts.

    Regina :yes:
  8. yeah, I know. I don't worry about the scratches at all. It's the tarnished discoloration make me think 2X.
    thank Lorelaii for your input:heart:

  9. Thanks Regina. The thing is that I'm in the middle of nowhere and it takes me days if not months to "walk into" a B shop:crybaby:

    Thank you again. I really appreciate your opinion. I have to confess that the extra 15% off is indeed alluring to some extent.
  10. i say take the 15%... that is an awesome deal!!...
  11. Seems the votes are unanimous.
    thank you valerieteo:heart:
  12. At that price I won't think twice about keeping it. I bought my baby beaton at full price about $1500 incl taxes.
  13. That certainly make you a TRUE lover, and me kinda fakey.:p
    thank you for ur input. lhasalover. I love Lhasa too.Been there once. Unbeliebably gorgeous.
  14. 15% :o)
  15. 15%off the sale price not the original.:p