HELP!!! Should i keep my reissue so black in the chervon or exchange it for m/l classic flap

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Chervon 'so black' reissue vs Classic Flap m/l lambskin silver hardware

  1. Reissue in the Chervon 'so black'

    40 vote(s)
  2. Classic flap m/l lambskin shw

    22 vote(s)
  1. I bought the Reissue Chervon in 'so black' yesterday but i still love the look of the classic flap lambskin with the silver hardware. What do i do guys? Keep the reissue or exchange it? I own a m/l is carviar with gold and i aboustely adore that but its just a different look with silver and lamb. What should i do?
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  2. This is the photo i took last night of the bag. Its equivalent to the m/l flap but bit smaller and the chain is quite versatile to wear it crossbody, doubled up or just singled chained on the side. The price is the same for both bags retailing for 6800AUD

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  3. I personally would exchange it for the m/l flap as it is a classic. I don't mind the chevron pattern but it is the wrinkling that I am not fond of; it will have a more wrinkled appearance over time. I know it is on purpose. Do you like bags that have a more aged look and are not bothered by it? I think the m/l lambskin with silver hardware bag is a very wearable and more everyday bag vs the black caviar with gold hardware (more dressy). Good luck on your decision.
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  4. I do not like reissue at all but if you already have a medium classic flap You can still keep it so you have one of each. But again I do not like reissue and would rather have several CF in different colors :smile:
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  5. I didn't even notice the reissues until the exact bag you bought and I just love the so black series (chevron, classic quilt in classic flap or reissue). If it were me I would keep it - I would LOVE to have this in my collection but can't afford it right now lol.
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  6. Yes exchange for cf
  7. Hey guys, thank you for the reply! I've decided to keep this baby its seasonal and harder to come by. I've figured i want something unique and different :smile: i like the verstaility of being able to wear it crossbody and good size too. I will definitely buy the cf in lamb in silver in the future. Right now i will just use my caviar cf with the ghw. Thanks so much !!

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  8. Good decision! I was about to say exactly what you stated above, haha! That it's hard to come by, so unique, versatile, can be worn crossbody and that you can get the classic flap later. How strange is that?
    I have the exact CF that you desire and to be honest with you, I have not used it in the past year or two! I reach for my 2.55s (I have them in all sizes, heehee) almost all the time. They are so carefree and suit my life more at the moment. Even right now, I am out with my 227! Congratulations on your purchase :smile:
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  9. For safety sake, i will stick to the classics :smile: But it depends on what you're looking for.
  10. Thank you so much love! Yes, reissue fever right now they are so much more versataile but the CF is definitely on my next wishlist. I might go with the small with lamb with either gold or silver. But thank you. It was a rough decision.
  11. Yay, so glad you decided to keep this one!! I must say I'm a bit (or hugely) biased towards this bag because I own it myself. I love it!! That cf in lamb and SHW will still be there later on, this one will be long gone :smile:. Enjoy it!!!
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  12. I actually have both bags in question except my
    Reissue is the 226 size. I actually use my Reissue far more than my CF and like it a lot better. Just my $0.02
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  13. Classic flap.
  14. Go classic you won't regret it much more versatile both casual and dressy.
  15. Excellent decision! It is different and unique! Big congrats!
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