Help, should I keep my OP Sloane? (warning: Long post)

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    Hi everybody,

    Am delurking to ask for some help on my newest purchase! Have been reading for a while and LOVE the BV bags!

    Am stressed because this most recent buy is THE most expensive purchase in my wardrobe, and am feeling the pressure to have this be the perfect bag. I can still return it within the next few days....Should I keep it or not?

    The bag: Sloane in Old Petra

    The background:
    • Hadn't bought a new bag in ages and really wanted to get something different from what's in my current bag wardrobe.
    • New clothes and accessory wardrobe philosophy is to wear pretty basic clothes, updated once in a while, but to rock the nice accessories to jazz up the look.
    • Loved the look and feel of the Sloane in the BV store but am slightly worried about practicality/useability in my everyday life.

    When I was searching for a new bag, here were the criteria:
    • Something not too structured, as my current bags are all a little stiff in the upper lip
    • Easy, natural chic/glam... not trying too hard
    • Practical: can get into and out of easily, can find what I'm looking for quickly, can be carried on a shoulder and not slip off, won't have stuff fall out of it if I toss it into the car
    • Versatile: wearable to work, weekend and going out. Works with my wardrobe, which is primarily creams/browns/denim
    • Useable as an everyday bag: I'm not terribly careful with bags and will use them, and love them, every day, so want the bag to either weather/wear well over time (like a Botker leather bag), or not show wear (like an LV epi)
    • Fits all my gear: I usually carry a medium Purseket (love!)

    As I sit here looking at the bag, here are the pros and cons:

    • Super soft leather: meow!
    • Beautiful feminine yet neutral color
    • Big capacity: All my current stuff fits in there with room to spare
    • Different from existing bags: brings me into the Noughties rather than continuing to live in the 90s!

    • Can't see into the bag easily to find contents: have to hold the strap up out of the way with one hand and push the two flaps open with the other hand
    • Seems a little bulky on the shoulder even with nothing inside and it seems a little wide from the front view
    • Am worried about whether the medium Purseket will make the bag slouch funnily after a while
    • The bag SQUEAKS: am I the only one noticing this? The woven leather rings squeak gently whenever they rub against the loops holding them, i.e., whenever I pick up the bag or shift it!! Does this go away?

    Sorry for the long post, esp. for a first timer! As you can see I'm thinking long and hard about this.... any and all help and comments welcome! Thanks!!
  2. I noticed that the rings squeak too! as far as the purseket goes.. I tried the med & large one in there.. and it actually made it more difficult for me to get my things out of. So i ended up returning both of them. As far as structure... It will def. get less bulkier & more slouchier as it's broken into, But I do understand when "its looks wide from the front", I had that same thought. As much as I loved the softness, & the style of the bag, I ended up selling it because I ended up admiring it from its dustcover up in my closet. Due to the fact I was worried half the time that the bottom or corners or inside suede would get dirty and it's nearly impossible to remove a stain off a nappa umbria bag, the $$ & stress wasn't worth it to me.. so I used the funds from this bag to purchase another. But overall, it is a gorgeous bag, I guess it would depend on your lifestyle & if this bag fits the bill. I hope that helps. :wlae:
  3. Welcome honey88, I tried the sloane and ended up exchanging it. I wanted to love it but I thought the flaps to get into the bag were too inconvenient for my lifestyle.
  4. The color is beautiful and I think the Sloane looks like everything you were needing style-wise. BUT.....

    I am not fond of the Sloane and do not think I would ever purchase one. I think the flaps would drive me just doesn't seem worth it to have a bag that I'd have to fight with.

    I'm going to suggest the Campana as it is a larger bag, but with great handles. It is light weight, fits well on the shoulder but can also be hand-carried. In my opinion, it is the perfect combo of form and function.
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    Welcome to tPF, honey88!

    Hence, the only :tdown: would be that the Sloane doesn't allow you to find your things very quickly. So based on your criteria, I'd say the Sloane is a pretty good match expect for ease of finding stuff. How much does that bug you?

    Personally, the Sloane doesn't work for me (and apparently for the rest of the posters before me too! :p). But for everyone that it doesn't work for, it does for someone else. Maybe you can take action pics, so that we can help see if it suits you?

    You seem hesistant about keeping the bag, which prolly cos it's not the BV bag for you. If that's the case, then n'minds even if it fits all your criteria, cos if you're not in absolute love, then it's not the right bag for you.

    G'luck with your decision! :flowers:
  6. I agree that the campana may be more suitable (and affordable) for you. I almost got the sloane because it looks great in pictures, but went for the campana because it is easier to wear on the shoulder and easier to get into. squeaks too!
  7. Oh, and I should add:

    WELCOME! :flowers:
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    Thanks for the thoughtful replies! I do think you are right Nymph, it's a great bag except for the practicality.

    Doubtfulguest and Ouija Board, I did consider the Campana and LOVED the fact that it opened up so widely... if this Sloane goes back it's the Campana for me. Hopefully they still have some Old Petras, Limos or pinks around....

    I'm going to carry this Sloane around the house and pretend I'm paying at the shops, visiting Starbucks and ordering a latte and going to a meeting.... putting the bag through its paces as it were. Am in love with the looks but this baby's got to be a real workhorse!
  9. Dear Honey88, first and foremost welcome onboard! Second, but more importantly, kudos for jumping on the work wagon again following the recent addition to the family, I have huge respect and admiration for you.
    I adore BV leather, workmanship, style etc (despite my recent indiscretion as per my post). Sloane, however, is a tricky bag for me. I was very close to buying it in the gold/bronze but decided against it as I decided it wouldn't be. Comfortable bag to use. Few reasons: v.uncomfortable on the shoulder (I have long been speculating that this may be a fault on my shoulder's part, not the bag), the leather is not as soft as some of the other styles and it is not as easy to get in and out of.

    I would strongly recommend a large veneta in a colour you like. Classic, practical, versatile and adorable imho.

    I wish you all the success with your new ventures and congratulations re the arrival of the little one.
  10. honey88, the sloane is so pretty in old petra. I have a feeling you will end up keeping it because it just looks so cool on you! But in case you don't, has a campana in camel that is very pretty, and when I bought my campana last month the las vegas BV had the last limo campana. Good luck, and welcome!
  11. I love the Sloane but I would be worried about the colour as it is pretty light and will show dirt pretty easy so therefor I would have bought her in ebano but IMO it's a keeper!!
  12. I decided to keep the bag!!

    The only worry I had had was the practicality of a small flap opening for such a big bag. So I took it out for a supermarket run and discovered that
    • it's very easy to snake a hand in and find stuff
    • I can carry it with the flaps open -- i.e., with the lips of the bag pointing upwards -- and access/viewing contents is easier, with the bag feeling less bulky under the arm

    Thanks for all the comments and help!
  13. :yahoo:

    Congrats on deciding to keep the Sloane. Old Petra is such a gorgeous colour, that I'm sure you won't regret your decision!
  14. Late to the party. But I must say the OP colour is drop dead gorgeous on the sloane. I have long wanted something in OP and seeing it here is :drool:

    Oh, congrats on the decision of the bag and welcome to the forum. All the best with your new babies (the little one and the business one).
  15. The sloane is such a chic bag and even more stunning in old petra! I don't think you will regret the style or the color.