Help! Should I keep my Mono Griet?

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  1. I need your help!!! My husband bought me a monogram Griet for my birthday and I'm not sure if I should keep or return. What do you guys think?
  2. Do you like it? If not you might want to exchange for something you love. BTW your hubby has great taste.
  3. What don't you like about it? It's a nice bag but I prefer it in damier. If you don't like it then definitely exhange it for something you love.
  4. Since I don't own may designer bags, this is probably the only LV bag I will own for a long time. That's why I'm leaning towards the monogram. I want a bag that is not everywhere (uncommon). As far as loving the bag... I really don't "love" any handbag.
  5. Why not go visist the store and try on a few different bags and see which one you feel more comfortable carrying. There are so many mono bags to choose from and many of them are not that well known by the general public. Since you don't have any particular bag in mind I say go for comfort. The griet is stunning but it is not the easiest bag to carry.

  6. ITA!
  7. ^I agree. It's funny though - a lot of people who have gotten this bag have also thought of returning it...
  8. My friend just own one.I saw this bag before in the LV store,I don't really like the design as it is too big for me,and my friend is same height with me 5"2,i don't think she can carrying it nicely....but anyway...she like it very much!
  9. i just got the mirage griet-black patent. it is very heavy without my stuff in it!! I might end up returning it!! it is a gorgeous bag though!!
  10. :huh:O Gorgeous bag but if you don't love it, go to the boutique and exchange it for something you really love and will use for years to come!