HELP! Should I keep my cambon or get another...

  1. I have a black cambon with the white cc shopping shoulder tote with the flap. Should I exchange it for the black medallion tote with silver zipper hardware? Sorry I don't have pics of it, but if you have one please post. Thanks!
  2. I saw the medallion tote in black and pink tonite..and they are gorgeous! If you already have cambon, I'd get a medallion!
  3. No, I only have a cambon. Do you think age matters? Eg...younger cambon, older medallion?
  4. I'd say the Medallion! Much more classic- pursegal has one! Have you looked at the grand shopping tote? It's similar to the medallion except the shoulder straps are chains like the classic flap- I like it a lot better!
    grnad shopper.jpg
  5. i think it really doesnt matter how old you are!!! Chanel is timeless! And if you love the other Chanel bag more than your current one... i'd go for the one you love most because you'll most likely use it more!
    good luck on what you decide!
  6. the medallion is more classic and very mature looking, and i've felt that the cambon is a very fun line that u can wear very casually. however, u can dress up or down either designs. :smile: either way, u will be happy!
  7. I have a black w/ white CC bowling bag which I'm keeping. Here's a pic of my silver medallion tote. I'm actually thinking of exchanging it but not sure yet.
  8. Goodluck on whatever you decide. Chanel is classic so you'll be happy no matter what.
  9. pursegalsf, love, love, looove your medallion! :love:
  10. pursegalsf- u should exchange it for the chanel lux bowler in red :d
  11. ^^^ Oh man, don't tempt me :P
  12. I really like your bag. I think you should keep it:biggrin: I am dying to purchase that bag too!
  13. I think you should keep it simply because you can easily use the bag dressed up or casual. Also, they are only making the solid colors cambons now, black on black & beige on beige so you might not be able to buy black & white soon!