Help, Should I keep it?


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Jan 10, 2009
I was just wondering what you guys think... I bought a Magenta Julianne from Nordies for $304. Is that a good price? ( about 33% OFF) I was thinking I could get a cheaper one off the Bay? I am thinking I might have just impulsed bought it cuz it was on the sale table. I saw a teal Julianne at Macy's but it's only 25%.. I know that had these even cheaper at one point at Bloomies a discount and then another 40%off or something...and now i'm thinking i may not have gotten such a good deal since the magenta is still on the website...
Help I'm torn, should I keep it?


Nov 23, 2008
I would keep it and use it. Its a gorgeous bag. You may save a few bucks on ebay but I just checked and didn't see any.
Congrats, would love to see a pic of this beauty!


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Dec 2, 2006
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I would keep it, I checked on Ebay too, did not see any.
I was also at the boutique, Macy's and Dillard's at my local mall today and did not see any Magneta.


Oct 6, 2008
I'd defenitely keep her for this price. The magenta is a very popular color, and you may still be able to sell it later on if you change your mind down the road. Magenta goes better than black and brown on the bay, in case you'll ever need to sell her... in the meantime you can use her and fall in love :smile:


Aug 21, 2008
Eastern Iowa
My the magenta Julianne's are SOLD OUT at Jax too...what's a girl to do??? My vote is for you to keep her, and here's why! You may (but I doubt it) be able to get one off the bay for a little less. It wouldn't be that substantial a savings compared to the deal you already got PLUS you'll run the risk of a bad transaction...item not as described and so on and so forth!

***If this is the bag you want (and can "afford") keep the one you've got from a reputable dealer of Coach merch!!!

Enjoy her...she was just dropped from my wishlist a few days ago (but she's still on the one in my head!)