Help! Should I keep it or sell it?

  1. Have gone on a buying binge lately, and I feel baddddd! So, I was thinking of selling my pastel scribble hobo (from last year) but I'm having second thoughts now. I really do love that bag (so pretty!) but I don't know. I feel like I might regret it if I sold it. But I have the hamptons hobo in black, which is similar. I could do with some money to cushion my recent spending though. What should I do? :shrugs:
  2. Hey there. I totally know where you are coming from. I have the same dilema. IMO - If you don't already have a spring/summer bag...KEEP the Scribble. It is super cute and is TOTALLY different from the black one! But...if you want to buy something else that you would wear more than the scribble...maybe do that!
    I bought two bags on eBay over the past month (well, more that that actually, but two I am considering selling) and can't decide if I should hang onto them or sell them and get something else that I like better! Here are the ones I am considering selling....Maybe we can help each other!;)
    I am thinking of selling the Fish Demi and the blue/denim bag in the pics below. I am going to get the new Sig Multi Stripe Demi for my spring/summer bag, so I really don't NEED these other two, but I COULD keep them!?!? I don't know. It would be nice to have the money to put towards the new bag, but if I keep the denim one, I HAVE to buy the scribble pony scarf to tie on it to really make it CUTE enough. What do YOU think???
    IMG_0959.JPG IMG_0960.JPG
  3. If you love it, don't sell it =)
  4. milo i say if the only bag you have thats summery is the scribble dont sell it but if you have many many others then just pick one and sell it (whichever that is) the black is totally different!

    and Purse I personally say sell the fish one, get the scarf for the other it will be so cute and then buy your stripe!
  5. If you think you may regret it then don't even think of doing it, I at this moment cant part with any of my bags! Keep them and love them all!!

    Purse-O-Nality- buy the scarf and sell the fish(I'm not a big fish fan but if you love them both Keep them)
  6. thanks everyone for your comments! i have decided to keep my scribble (:
  7. oh the multi striped demi is SOOOOOO cute! definitely get that!!!! (i didn't like it when it first came out, but now i'm like :nuts: )

    anyways! i would sell the fish demi as i'm not a big fan of it!

    and i totally get what ya mean about the scribble scarf. you can't buy just a bag, ya need accessories too! (;

    p.s: i need to steal your stripe wristlet!
  8. Thank you...I really lucked out on the stripe wristlet!!!
    I am SO GLAD you are keeping your's super cute and perfect for now through summer!!! :yes:
    Thank you for your input on my situation as well. I am going to buy my multi stripe demi and scribble scarf on Tuesday!!!! :yahoo:I sure hope they are in stock! I listed my Fish Demi today...if it sells, it sells. If not...guess I'll KEEP it, too! :p
  9. i'd say don't sell it if you have any inclination towards it

    yet again i myself will not part with any of my bags despite my being broke and consistent spending :sweatdrop:
  10. I go through bags a lot. I carry one for a bit, get bored with it, sell on it eBay and buy something new. My theory is, if you no longer absolutely love it, move on, sell it, and get something you do love