HELP! Should I hit 'Buy It Now' for Prune Heloise??

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  1. #1 Feb 17, 2010
    Last edited: Feb 17, 2010
    So I've been wanting a prune Heloise off and on for a while now. One came up for bid or buy it now on eBay and I was wondering if I should snatch it up for the BIN price?

    The opening bid is $825 (reserve not met). No bidders yet and the auction ends in 9 days. I'm assuming that the reserve price is somewhere in the neighborhood of $900. The BIN price is $925. Shipping is $20.

    If it is the medium size (and assuming of course that the item is authentic - I did post the auction in that section for clarification on that) and I bought it full price in the store with tax I would have spent $1670 + tax on it.

    However, doing a quick search in the forums and online I did see that the bag has gone on sale in the past (though no longer available online for that sale price) for $752 and I read that in general, you should not to pay more than 50%-70% off the original retail price for a "NWT" eBay item.;jsessionid=IQO3NUAEYP3OCCQAAKOBPVI?itemId=prod28640035&parentId=cat70001&masterId=cat248206&grandMasterId=cat000010&cmCat=

    So what does everybody think I should do? Buy it now for $925? Bid on it for $825 and see if I can get it, carrying with it the risk that someone will outbid me and drive the price higher than the BIN price? Pass all together?
  2. IMO it really depends on how much you want the bag, how often they come up on ebay etc.
    Personally I own a few bags I payed more than's because I am from Germany and usually I have to pay customs and taxes when I buy a bag from Old Pink Paraty did cost me much more than retail...but I don't regret buying me it's worth every single cent...just love it...
  3. A good option (and this is precisely what I did with a YSL bag that I won recently) would be to contact the buyer and politely ask if they would allow you to BIN the bag right now for $875, for example (but give them a definite number). Often sellers will let you do that! That way you both leave happy - they get paid for sure, and you get your bag for a bit less. :smile:

    If that doesn't work, I would bid - people are being very conservative with their bids on *bay these days, so you are likely to get it for the opening bid price or not much more. I recently paid a more for a YSL bag (the one I mention above) that had just gone on sale for 60% off (I ended up paying about 50% off) and it was totally worth it for me, since the bag was out of stock everywhere (believe me, I checked) and it was the exact color I wanted and NWT. Since the bags fly out of the stores when they are at super low prices, this might be your only chance to get one at a comparable price.

    And the Prune Heloise is exquisite. :yes:
  4. I agree...message the seller and bargain for a lower BIN price with shipping...I'm sure you can both work something out!

    BNWT is a HUGE benefit!
  5. You need to feel comfortable with what you pay for the bag - and if you end up paying more than that - then you'll always wonder. Set yourself a budget - and don't go over it.

    As for messaging the seller - I wouldn't generally do that - but then again - I kind of spend money like water. I understand what the girls are saying - but its just not something I'd be comfortable in doing.

    Bottomline - pay what you feel comfortable with and are happy to pay - go over it - and you'll always wonder if you might have gotten it cheaper.

    Maybe I should take my own advice?:nuts:
  6. only pay what you are comfortable paying. you could message the seller and make a offer, i do this alot, youd be surprised a lot of the time they say yes! its a gorgeous bag and a bag that holds it value! if you really love it go for it :smile:
  7. Chie-Boo, any updates? :graucho:
  8. Can you use cash back? It is 8 % today and if you can get ebay buck of 2%, that's 10% off total.
  9. I bought it :smile: and am SUPER excited about getting it. I will definitely post pics once I get it and will be taking it to the Chloe store to confirm authenticity.

    Per everybody's suggestion, I did ask for the seller to consider lowering the BIN price by $50 to $875. She balked at this suggestion, but not wanting to lose out on the bag, I ended up going for the BIN at $925. I did do 8% rebate which lowered the final price to $847. (Didn't know about eBay buck. Wonder if I can do it retroactively?) I'm happy with the price.

    The only mildly frustrating thing, I suppose, is that right after I did the BIN, I got an email from the seller saying that she WOULD sell it to me for $875 if the two other potential buyers didn't move forward by the end of the day. Since I now gaurunteed her a sale (the bag could not have sold at all) and at the highest/full price, I asked her if she could cut me a deal on the shipping ($20) as a gesture of good will. She refused saying that the shipping was more than $20 so she was already giving me a discount. :hrmm:
  10. Okay, just read on the forum that the Chloe store will not authenticate. Would registering it help? (Meaning if its not authentic, the serial number won't match up.) Other than asking the opinion from the members here, is there something "official" I can point to if (and god, I hope this is not an issue) the item is fake and I have to dispute payment with PayPal/AmEx/EBay?
  11. Chie-Boo - I'm not sure what your issue is - the Heloise has been authenticated - and unless the seller sends you a bag other than that in the photo - you really don't need to be concerned.

    Post photos in the Authenticate This Chloe Thread when you receive her and we can double check her for you.

    As for registering - initially - when girls registered - you were able to put in any random numbers and the website accepted them! Not sure if that is still the case. However, Chloe will NOT authenticate in store -

    Post photos when she arrives - we'll double check her for you - and if you aren't happy with the opinions - or don't believe them - then you can always pay for an authentication service.