*** HELP ** Should I go on True Life?

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  1. So I kind of posted this in general discussion but it got closed, but Prada's Meadow said I could try again here.
    My friends and I like to joke about going on reality tv and acting like psychos, and one night we were bored and looked through the mtv casting calls. I applied to be on true life (really jokey, retarded-sounding email that they apparently found hilarious) and they got back to me and I'm meeting with a producer Monday. Anyway, I've never actually watched the show :rolleyes: . Would they just make me look retarded? Should I run away? Advice please :heart:
  2. what would be the topic of your episode? would you be deceiving viewers by actually portraying your life as this on tv?
  3. do it! that would be hysterical. what's the topic?
  4. Hehe it's kind of funny actually. I have to preface this so you don't think I'm a cocky snot...which I kind of am, but...anyway, I was having a really rough time with my personal statement for law school, was feeling very down about myself and my accomplishments and part of applying was just to make myself feel better...it's True Life: I'm a Genius, which based on IQ and whatever, I am. I think. I don't think I'm competing with any rocket scientists to get on MTV anyway.
  5. You might want to watch the show first, there are many differant topics. True life documents the true life's of real people such as your self. you must of said something very interesting for them to call you back.

    MTV Thinkmtv - Features - True Life
  6. Haha that's pretty cool. Well, if you have time to meet with the producers, do it! No harm in that at least :smartass:
  7. Hi, Ive never watched this show. Its hardly ever on here but I just read up on it and it sounds good but most of the topics are very negative or people trying to reach their unrealistic goals. I would think hard before doing it but maybe you could make the show your own, one of those memorable characters. Maybe you could involve your bag addiction lol ! :P
    what about "Im a super spender"...I would watch that show ! :graucho: :graucho: :nuts:
  8. Yeah I'm hoping that since there are 3 people, I can be the well-adjusted genius. Is that unrealistic? :P Maybe I could involve my bag-haggery though!
  9. Just remember if you decide to do it, they are not going to post an uninteresting person. Personally, I would never do a reality show. They always take the worst parts of whatever they tape. If they did the "good" parts, it would probably be boring. kwim? Plus, they will repeat it a lot. It is not something you could just do and forget about it years later.
  10. in the long run this is all up to you but since the topic of the show isn't anything degrading, i say do it. i would love to see a fellow tpfer on tv. let us know how it went with the interview and if you're going to take up the offer.
  11. No. Absolutely anything like that you do will be available to all earth residents, forever.

    And whenever you stand in front of a camera held in someone else's hands, you are surrendering all control to that person. Forever.

    This is why people used to say that photos steal your soul. They were more forward-thinking, and knew that one day, youtube would exist, and even if it didn't, blogs would.
  12. True Life is so cool. I watch it all the time. I don't think they make the people look foolish unlike some other MTV shows. Just make sure they have a scene where you're on TPF being very girly and normal.
  13. Thanks for all your responses guys, keep them coming. Yeah I am a little afraid I might regret it if I do it, but I think it'd be fun too. I'm meeting with the producer anyway, I guess that can't hurt. If I do it I'll make sure to give you guys a holla.
  14. nerdphanie, you're not going to be the one that starts talking about how everytime you see something it makes you think of a number and then that makes you solve a mathmatical equation that no one could ever solve? Or the one walking around like rainman being able to say the amount of pick up sticks on the ground by just looking at it?
  15. ^ :roflmfao: I do have fun playing with the letters and numbers on license plates, but I'll keep that under wraps. Hopefully the others will be sufficietly weird and I can be the normal one.