Help! Should I go for this, ladies?

  1. Ladies,

    I need some input on tis one. I'm thinking of getting this LE Stephen Sprouse scarf but can't decide on the color. What do ya all think? Which color is the nicest?

    1) Red/Black
    2) White/Black
    3) Grey/Yellow

    :confused1: :confused1:
    is.php.jpg is-1.php.jpg
  2. i like the gray/yellow one...
  3. How much is it?
  4. Approx US$625 retail, but alot more on ebay right now!:sad:
  5. Either red/black or yellow/grey.
  6. I'm drawn to the grey/yellow more than the others.
  7. I like red. it's a nice warm color, looks great by the face, and red goes with almost anything.
  8. Red! It's wonderful!
  9. I have the black

  10. Go for the red!
  11. Wow! It looks gorgeous! Do you have a pic of you wearing this? How do u find tis color??

    Honestly, I am thinking of blk/white.. cos it seems the safest choice as they can probably go with everything! I do like the grey/yellow combi too but how do you wear that?? :confused1:
  12. oh wow... miroir princess... the black/white one is stunning!
  13. Thank you girls, I originally went to the store to get the red one and felt in love with this one, it's sold out though. Call 866 and they will help you to locate one. It was a gift from my bf ;)
  14. When did u get tis? Cos it's sold out already in many places.
  15. I loe the gray yellow but annoyingly when I was first show it I wasnt sure. I didn't get it. When I went back to get it- they were out! Booo. (now I'm broke and theyre up on eBay! typical).