HELP!!! Should I get this Prada Gauffre?

  1. Hi,
    I am new to the Prada bag thing (I am normally a Bal girl), but lately I have fallen in love with the Gauffre (as I know many of you have) :smile:

    I am thinking of buying the oversize Prada Gauffre for $2100 (including all taxes, shipping etc.). Is this a good price, and is this bag really huge on. I love big bags, like my Bal Work and the Marni Balloon, but is this one just OTT?

    I need a brown bag and was also debating the Miu Miu Patchwork Tote.

    Any opinions or advie would be really welcome!!!! THANKS!
    antikcaffe.jpg pradagauffre.jpg miumiuchevron.jpg
  2. Though the Prada is the "classic"- Id go for the miu miu one. Its much nicer.. I saw it in real life...
    I like the gaufre.. BUT... in light colours...

    Good luck with your decision;)!
  3. I think you should go for it! It's a gorgeous bag!
  4. PRADA PRADA PRADA! It's gorgeous!
  5. YES get it... or u will be thinking abt it all the time..:tup:....
  7. omg I'd kill for the Prada if it was a smaller one...Get it get it get it!!!
  8. Yeah!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!get it!!! get it!!! Great bag....
  9. Go for the PRADA!!SHE IS TDF!
  10. The gaufre tote is a nice big bag -- I'd go for that over the patchwork MiuMiu
  11. I say go for the Guaffre! It is a gorgeous bag. Plus I want one also!
  12. LUV LUV that Prada bag , get it .
  13. Huge thanks to all of you!!!! I am really leaning towards the Gauffre, it is just so beautifully made.

    My only concern is the size... does anyone have the four-tier or have pics modelling it? I am 5'6" and about 120lbs. I like the oversized look but don't want to look like I am carrying my luggage :p.
  14. GO for the Gauffé ! Gorgeous bag and you'll likely wear it for years to come! (Well, I would!)
  15. I would get the Prada first, then the Miu Miu. Love my Gauffre bags!