HELP! Should I get this one? That one? Neither?

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  1. I'm suppose to be on a ban until March but I also said to myself that if a March Jacobs Zip Clutch came my way for under $200, I could buy it. Well, lo and behold, only a week after starting my ban, one pops up.*1*24*-1*-1*1

    I could get it for $177.99 shipped in the Dark Plum. However, it's not really the color I originally wanted. I am in need of a new wallet though...amazing deal, not sure if I'll like the color.

    Then, I also found another bag on my wishlist, the Treesje Avalon:

    I could get this for $251.99 w/ free shipping in the Grey leather (not shown and not the patent leather) which is the one I've been wanting. This bag is not on my top priority but I do love it and it's a really good deal.

    So what do I do? Do I get the Zip Clutch? Treesje? Neither? I can't really decide since I really am trying to save money but I'm getting really tempted. What would you do in my position?
  2. I would hold off if the only reason you would get it is because of the price. I have done this in the past and regretted it. I'd rather wait for something that I really wanted and loved and pay a little more for it. Cause I know that down the line you will find something you really love and then probably be disappointed that you didn't wait.
  3. I'd stick to the ban.
    Neither one is exactly what you wanted, even though the prices are good.
    Skip the instant gratification.
  4. I agree if none of this are really ur top choice then just keep saving and dont get tempted and wait for the one u wouldnt have doubts and buy it!
  5. Neither. You know what you want, so I would wait until the items you want are available. You'll save a lot of money in the long run buying only what you really want.
  6. i totally agree with everyone, i would WAIT until both are available in the color and price your agree with. you'll feel better about it, getting a great deal for a bag you love!
  7. There will always be something around at a good price -- but if it's not what you wanted, the price isn't that good!
  8. Stick with your ban. The deals will keep coming. Now if the wallet, which you need, were in a color you like, I'd say grab it...but you're not a fan of the color. If the function is necessary and you can live with the color...well...
  9. Well, you shouldn't get the wallet because its not the color you want. It is a good deal. But another deal, in the color that you actually want and need will pop up. You should save your money for that. As for the treesje...hmm I'm a bad influence and impulsive as well. I'd probaly get the treesje if I had the money for it. The gray version is nice.
  10. omy...where did you find it for under $200??

    out of the two i like the mj clutch, but only because i have been looking for one forever, haha
  11. Like everyone else, I would wait until it's really something I love. I've bought lots of things that I just liked for the price, and I realize later that I should've just saved up to get the one item I really needed.
  12. Thanks everyone for the input. As of right now, I have decided to stick to my ban and hopefully in March, the same deals (or better!) will come my way :tup:

  13. On the whole, I'd agree with you - although I've, also, occasionally, bought something that I wasn't 100% sure about and then it has become one of my favourites, within a few weeks of receiving it. :yes:

    I think that can happen when something is very fashion-forward and/or a little challenging and one needs a bit of time to get used to it.

    I'm not suggesting that's the case in this instance; more of a general observation, really! :smile:
  14. Double post.