HELP - should I get the

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  1. Ladies - My new Damier Hampstead MM just arrived today and I love it. But for some reason I can't get the Alma out of my head. Long ago I had the Alma in MC, but gifted it to my mother. Now I think I want it in Damier. Is this a bit much???
  2. Oh geez, I totally know how you feel. I get a new bag and then I'm totally lusting after another shortly thereafter. I think it's normal, and if you have the funds to get both then I'd say it's no big deal. As long as it doesn't put you in debt then go for it :yes:.

    Congrats on the Hampstead too! Such a great bag!
  3. Go for it!!!!
  4. I know why do we do soon as we get one of our "acquisitions" it is on to the next and I haven't even carried this one yet (obviously) - it is still in the bag. I am on eLux right now........ I will let you know what I decide, I may need a few more enablers!
  5. I think the Hampstead and Alma are such different bags, so I don't think it's too much to have both in Damier.
  6. NO NO NO, Alma- handheld & sophiscated, Heampstead- fun, hand and sholder held. 2 diff styles :P
  7. Get both! Two totally different styles you could use depending on the mood you're in for the day!
  8. I agree!:tup:
  9. No definitely not. The Alma and Hampstead are two totally different looking bag. Get the Alma and enjoy both ;)
  10. I believe you have been bitten by the LV bug!:P

    Yes! Get the Alma too ... classy and timeless!
  11. Get the Alma. I really like it and I love it in the damier. Plus, you gifted your mc Alma to your mother....I hope my daughter grows up to be like you :yes:
  12. Don't fight it. LOL Get both since they are totally different bags, different looks, different aura. You'll look great carrying either bag!
  13. Yay the enabling is working, if you get it post pics :graucho:.
  14. Yes, get the Alma..It is stylish and definitely will not look dated ;)
  15. Yep, that's how it works here! Congrats on the hampstead! Lovely bag.