HELP-should I get the Mirage Griet Black???

  1. I called my LV store AND LV Customer Care # to try and get the Mirage Speedy and I was so said that they are sold out and cannot locate one. A Mirage Griet in Black is available, but I am not sure what to do. The bag is expensive $3470 and I have read that many people think that the Griet style is too bulky.

    What are your thoughts????
  2. Absolutely :heart: this bag, go for it!!!!
  3. I think its a gorgeous bag, but I have heard alot of negative about the fact it is heavy, bulky, and impractical for every-day use. If there's any way, see if you can try it on first, or if you can return the Griet if it doesn't work, I say get it and then return if you must. Just make sure you get something you really like!!
  4. I tried the Griet Black and it is very heavy and bulky. Beautiful to look at, but not practical.
  5. personally i much prefer mirage griet... but if you really like the black griet then go for it :smile:
  6. I love the Mirage Griet. It is a gorgeous bag. However I tried it on, and it completely overwhelmed me. It is large and fairly heavy. I believe a tall person could carry it off, but on me it looked gigantic. I REALLY wish LV had made the Griet in two sizes, as they did with many of their other recent bags.

    There are several new Mirage Speedys on eBay right now. If you don't mind buying from eBay, that might be an option.
  7. gorgeous, but huge, bulky, and awkward...the rumors are true. I had a Damier Griet for about a week but had to return it due to a problem with the lining. However, I decided not to replace it with another Griet because it became more of a hassle than a joy to carry.
  8. See if you can try it. Good luck!
  9. i didn't like it at first but its starting to grow on me...:love:
  10. I saw the mirage griet IRL on a woman at the LV store. It looked amazing on her. Now, she was very tall, I am not sure I could pull it off. It sure is one hot bag!