Help - Should i get the Drill in Dark Silver?

  1. I've the dark silver 226 reissue. Saw the Drill today and loved it. I was going to get the drill in black but somehow the pewter/ dark silver just stood out more. Should I get the color which i like better and risk having 2 bags which looks similar or get the black? What do you ladies think?
  2. The silver reissue is a stand out bag - very classic, the drill a little more casual - different looks. You could go for the same color as well since the drill has a twotone hardware and is perforated. I prefer the silver to the black, have you seen it in gold or green?
  3. Yes I saw the gold and green as well. I've a gold bag, not chanel but I wont go for another gold. The green is very trendy but its not easy to match. So its betw the silver and black. You're right, drill is not structured unlike reissue. But color wise and size, they are about the same. And i wonder if the silver will be less 'in' in a couple of yrs whereas black is a classic.
  4. i saw the drill yesterday at my local boutique, i love it in the dark silver, it's the best color imo.