~help! Should I Get Boobs??? Pros & Cons???~

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  1. Ok so I have always wanted boobs since I was like 14 yrs. old because i'm asian and well lets just say i'm lacking in that department!!! Lol!

    I'm about a A and 1/2 (definetely not a B!!!), i'm about 5"2 and 110 lbs. I would like to go to a full C borderlining small D (I don't want them to be really fake looking but I do want to be much bigger!)

    I have seen pictures of girls about my size with D size boobs and I think it looks fine but then I guess it also depends on the implant. Well I would like Cohesive Gel Implants, Round, Smooth...
    Does anyone have implants can you give me some imput???

    I'm thinking of going to either Dr. Demianczuk or Dr. Carr or Dr. Warren at False Creek in Vancouver...
    Has anyone from Vancouver gone to any of these Doctors???

    Also I just want to know what the overall experience was like and how I can go about choosing a good doctor??? I'm planning to have surgery in December (on my break from school!)
  2. I say don't fool with mother nature. Just love yourself the way you are because that's how she intended for you to be.:drool:
  3. i wouldn't go larger than a B, won't fit your body type.
  4. ^ I agree, although I know how self-consious something like that can feel, and if you really want it...
    But, I have to say, if you're 5.2 I wouldn't go for a D-cup. I wouldn't go for a D anyway - I've read some seriously scary stories about failed boob-jobs, even though the surgeon said it would all be okay.
  5. cons... people will know its fake
  6. At 5'2 and 110 I'd say a full C or small D might be pushing it... especially going from an A to that.
  7. There's a really informational thread in the Health and Fitness forum called Breat Augmentation. Personally, for your body type, I would go maybe large B, but small C at the most to make it still try to look natural.
  8. I know a few people who have had them and now regret it. Especially the larger cups---it does effect your body and can cause pain. My one friend did it because of cancer and even though she looks good she is always in a lot of pain due to what we feel is scar tissue. She always feels something is pulling or jabbing her. Her doctors say she is fine. She has thought of having them removed down the road. Research it before you rush in to it and a D would really be too much for your small frame.
  9. I imagine you are relatively young...don't make rash decisions you may regret later. I try and teach my daughters to embrace who they are and I hope you will take the same advice. Having large breasts does not make you any more of a woman. Needless to say, I am opposed to the whole thing and there are, of course, risks involved w/any surgery. Think long and hard and good luck in your decision making process.
  10. take some birth control, did wonders for mine.
  11. I have a friend who worked in a plastic surgery office....she was offered free breast augmentation but refused.

    She had witnessed alot of problems that most dont see. Some of the fact was that alot of ladies lost sensation in the area, hardening of the breasts due to implants, unnatural look, and a written summary of the breast implant manufacturer that states that it may need to be replaced in 10 years. Not to mention complication like swelling that doesnt go down, blood clots inside the breast area, tenderness, revision surgeries needed at times,etc.

    Unless there is a break through that can remove fat from one part of a womens body and use it to make boobs....I would never get them. There are too many unknowns and documented problems.

    Hope you make the right decision for yourself, there are alot of information out there.
  12. Everyone here has given you really good advice but untimaly it's up to you~! If it's going to make you feel better and you really want it go for it you only live once right?! Just make sure you do your research on good docs, complications, all that stuff! Best of luck on whatever you decide! One more thing considering how petite you are i wouldnt go any bigger then a full b or a barely c!
  13. Not necessarily. I'm around the OP's same height (5'3") + body type and I have natural C-cup breasts. I think they look just fine with my body.

    I would make 500% sure you really want to get implants. Make sure you do plenty of research before finalizing your decision. In the end, it's your decision + you have to do what will make you happy. :smile:
  14. Im going to move this to the other forum.There is a GREAT BA thread in there
    I had it done 4 months ago..Im smalll..I got a c cup and LOVE them!
  15. So am I. I'm 5'3" 110 pounds and I'm a full C. Blessed with good genes! I love mine and don't think they look too big. Everyone is different and you have to decide what is right for you.
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