Help! Should I get another HARBOURNE in trench color?

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  1. I already had a black and purple Harbourne trench. But I am thinking to get another Harbourne in trench color. Is it stupid to do that? I had a four months kid, I am afraid the trench color will be very easy to get dirty. I am asian, will the trench color wash me out?
  2. well since you have two dark trenches already. why not get a lighter one.. and yeah i get scared it'll get dirty but if i had 3 trenches i would probably wear the black and purple one more and occasionally the trench one. the trench one looks hot!

    some burberry diversity ;D lols
  3. The trench color looks really nice if you're wearing a dark dress underneath or if you're wearing jeans. It really makes your outfit pop! I know someone who is Asian and has 4 little boys (all under 6!!) and she wears her tan trench all the time. It looks really awesome on her!
  4. I think the camel/tan coloured trenches are fabulous - I'd definitely recommend getting one! :smile: