Help! Should I get a Wallet or a Pochette Accessories?

  1. I have 3 big bags: Mono Speedy 30, Tulum pm and a bowling bag from Chanel. so I am thinking maybe I should get a smaller bag just for a quick run or for evening. like a pochette accessories.

    But do you girls think I should get the wallet first? help help help!!:shrugs:
  2. Pochette
  3. This is so funny, I made this same post a long time ago! I have a speedy 30 and I was trying to decide between pochette and pti wallet. I got the pochette and LOVE it, but couldnt rest until I had the wallet too. So a few months later I ended up with the wallet. If you can just pick one, I would start with the wallet, mine is just amazing!! Then you can save for the pochette, which is an amazing piece!!
  4. I would get the wallet and pochette later;)
  5. Pochette will be better for night out & evening event:yes:
  6. wallet because you can use it for all your bags....
  7. My pochette goes out with me at night, wherever I go! Get the pochette. I am sure u have a wallet and it can wait for a new one :smile:
  8. i guess the wallet first
  9. pochette!
  10. I would get a pochette.
  11. I would get a pouchette. I actually got a wallet as one of my first purchases and it was a tough decision because for just little more I could get a bag. Anyway, within a few months it turned out to be defected and LV let me switch it for something else so I got a MC agenda. So my vote would be for an agenda and use it as a wallet and get the pouchette too.
  12. what wallet were you planning to buy? If you are planning to get something small like a card case, you could get that and the pochette instead of lets say the PTI...
  13. pochette
  14. I'm having the same debate, and I think I will get the pochette first. You can use it inside your large bags as a wallet, and also take it out on its own. I think it's more versatile (and cheaper!).
  15. You're in need of MC... maybe get a Pochette in MC?