Help. Should I get a EPI Speedy??

  1. Hi ladies,

    Well, after getting a couple of bags with "color" (bronze and indigo), I really am thinking I would like to try a Epi speedy 25.

    How is the saging with this bag? Sagging does drive me nuts.

    What colors did it come in or do you think I might be able to find?

    If any of you have one, would you mind posting a pic of it?

    Thanks ladies!!
  2. I don't have an epi but they do look beautiful. I do believe I've read that they are prone to scratch easily but I'm sure owners can confirm.
  3. I don't have one, but I do like them. I've heard they're not nearly as prone to sagging as the Mono and Damier Speedys. I'd love to have a red one.
  4. no they dont sag as much :biggrin:

    mandarin [disc.?], black, moka. canelle, myrtylle [disc.], rouge [disc.?],
  5. scubasue,

    where did you hear that epi scratches? mine doesnt scratch, actually none of my epis are prone to scratching...
  6. maybe because i got the old epi?
  7. do you guys know if the old red had a name? Is it rouge? What's the new red's name? Thanks guys!

  8. Maybe I was thinking of the vernis. Now I can't remember. :shrugs: Okay, I'll just be quiet now! ;)
  9. i want a vanilla epi speedy :hysteric:
  10. Epi speedy doesn't sag at all..

    There's one old red at eBay in 25 now...I want it but I already have one in red (new red)..arghhh..I love old red color better.It's deeper red with black edge..
  11. ^^I know bags, I'm debaiting getting it. What do you mean black edge? Is there black on the bag?
  12. ^^oh, plus, NO sagging at all?? How about one that is old? Do they loosen up over time or do they stay relatively stiff?
  13. I love the epi speedys!!

    They look hot in black!!
  14. As far as I know, new epi has softer leather..older version is little bit stiffer but it gets softer eventually.One thing I notice from old epi bag (over 10 yo) wrinkles/crease around zipper area..

    black edge around the handles and the edge of the bag like in these pics:


    new red:


  15. Thanks for the pics bags!! Now I get it. So, not much sagging then?
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