HELP!! Should I get a Coach Wallet?

  1. Ok so It's my 21st B-day on the 9th. Yesterday I went to Coach w/ my BF and he purchased the SIGNATURE STRIPE LARGE TOTE(mahog) for me for my bday present. While we were there I was admiring the New HAMPTONS SIGNATURE CHECKBOOK WALLET (mahog) I wanted it badly but couldn't get myself to let him spend $200 on a wallet. I mean thats like half of a bag. But now I just can't stop thinking about it. The Coach store is also having 25% off so the normal price is 278 w/ the discount its only 208.50. I need help form all you fellow TPFers. What should I do? Get it or forget it?

    I have it on hold at the Coach store so now i just have to make up my mind. Thanks to all who respond!! ;)
  2. I'd say yes, only because I'm a huge fan of Coach's wallets. I swear by them. They're totally durable, cute, easy to maintain, and they hold everything you need. Plus, it will match your purse (I love matching sets). Also, I personally end up getting more use out of them than my purses. I rotate purses, but always stick with my sig stripe accordian wallet.
  3. yes! if u cant stop thinking about it, u will regret it. i got my coach wallet when i obsessed about it forever, finally found one in the US and drove 3.5 hrs to get it. definetly worth it!
  4. Thanks Demosthenes for the quick reply. I've never had a coach wallet yet. So now that you said they are durable I think I will just give in and get it. & yes i need the matching set. Right now I'm using my LV wallet. One of my co-workers were admiring my bag then pulled out my wallet and said "oopps" haha how embarrasing.
  5. Thanks gabz for the quick reply also. I am dreading the 45 minute drive that I will have to take to go back out to our coach store to get it. But ehh thats nothing compared to your drive. Thanks you girls are making me feel better. Now i don't feel so guilty for getting it! :biggrin:
  6. Go for it! Oh and happy early birthday!!! Can't wait to see your pictures with your new bag and wallet!
  7. thanks for the bday wishes abitzberger!!

    Ok I'm going to get it! 3 responses all said get it so I'm getting it!! :yahoo:

    Will post pics hopefully tomorrow!!
  8. Thats a super easy question for me. I LOVE Coach wallets and have several. I say go for it!!
  9. ranskimmie. yay your awesome! i'm getting it right after work today. I will post pics tomorrow!!
    so excited can't hardly wait!!
  10. YAY!!! Congrats!
  11. Awsome! Cant wait to see pics. Enjoy it Coach wallets are Great!!:okay:
  12. I would definitely get it. I bought my first Coach wallet during the last PCE and I love it. It is gorgeous and is totally durable. It is hard to find a wallet that fits everything I carry and still looks cute! So my vote is of course!
  13. Oh ya and happy early birthday!!! Don't party too hard with your new purse and wallet! hehe
  14. ashdir103104 thanks for the vote! :yahoo: i'm getting it! & thanks for the bday wishes!!!
    I'll be partying in style with my new matching bag & wallet!
  15. Happy Birthday! Another vote for the wallet! :tup: I finally bought my first Coach wallet last summer and it was so WORTH it! I've had no regrets.