Help!! Should i get a Bolide 31 in Rose Japur?

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  1. Brought out my blue jeans Bolide 31 for a spin this morning n found it to be a perfect under the radar bag!! I can carry on my shoulder n in my hand:biggrin: so I called and asked my SA if she had any bolides in red or green. She said she'd check n get back to me........ Which she did, she has one in Rose Jaipur !!! But my problem is I bought a Lindy 30 in the very same colour........ And I'm
    wondering if I ought to get another bag in the same colour.

    Any thoughts???
  2. ONLY, if you need a bag set in rose jaipur, otherwise so many options and ranges of colors, can be more selective^
  3. Personally, I try not to get a repeat in the exact same colour even though it's in different bag designs. H has so many lovely colour that we are spoiled with choices, a bit of a shame to me to get both Lindy and Bolide in RJ.
    There's always exception of course, such as black or white, etc. But that's just me. :smile:
  4. I will pass on this and get another color.:smile: Rose Jaipur Bolide is pretty! It's not wise to own 2 similar Rose Jaipurs though they're different styles because they are still the same type of leathers. You know what Champers21, Bolide has become the 'in thing' now, lol.
  5. Thank you so much for your replies:biggrin: I really appreciate it!

    I was thinking the same way too!! But just wanted some reassurance that I'm doing the right thing:smile:
    I'll tell my SA to let me know if she gets one in yellow or green instead!! But sigh with Hermes yellow isn't just yellow! N green isn't just green!
  6. shucks. this is my biggest fear. pls pls pls do not go the way of the B&K and L
  7. Or Constance...sadly I think this craze is slowly something we get to look forward to:amazed:

    Champers, I agree...unless this is your GRAIL color (meaning you need a bag set and to collect as must in this color as you can because you absolutely ADORE it) I think you should seek the Bolide out in another color...even if just in a few shades darker/lighter in comparison with Rose J which are in the same color group (btw dont quote me on the availability of Bolides in my next examples, its just for reference) (ex: for pink/red color group - Rose Lipstick vs Rouge Casague or for blue - Blue Hydra vs. Blue Obscure). At least then there will be some difference in your collection. Good luck
  8. As much as I love love love my Rose Jaipur, I think Bolide looks great in so many different colors! I understand the temptation, though....I'm normally not that adventurous with color and this color just makes me so happy and I always get compliments on it.

    How about bolide in ultraviolet? :graucho: I feel like I rarely see yellows or greens....
  9. I am rj and bought this exact bolide in 31. it is stunning and I am slowly but surely started to collect pieces in this color... you can't go wrong with the classic bolide. if you think it is too similar to your lindy, wait for another color. But if you truly love this shade, i would say go for it. :yahoo: good luck champers21
  10. Thanks for the great advise:smile: I would love to get a bolide in some Hermes yellow or green!!

    Think I am happy with my RJ Lindy:smile:
  11. Ooooohhh! That's an idea! I haven't seen a bolide in ultraviolet either!! I must ask my SA:smile:
  12. Look!! Courtesy of dear member Vinia! :woohoo:
    uv bolide.jpg
  13. Oh!!! You have a bolide in RJ?? Wow!!! It is a gorgeous bag but sigh I have a Lindy 30 n I'm loving blues more then this darker shade of pink. But it would be a different story if it was bubblegum pink!!
  14. Wow!!! Tts gorgeous!!
  15. I saw your pic carry Bolide BJ in the action thread. I have BJ Lindy and I would buy a Bolide 31 in the same color if I see one, because I like blue. I don't know about RJ though:smile: