Help! Should I get a Black Lambskin Maxi Chevron w SHW?

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  1. Hi!

    I'm new to this forum and was wondering if I could get some advice...I have totally been bitten by the Chanel bug!

    I recently purchased a black jumbo classic flap caviar in GHW and a matt black 227 reissue in GHW...but I just saw a black lambskin maxi chevron which I am totally in love with now...

    I already have a 226 metallic black reissue in SHW bought a few years back. If I get the Chevron it'll be my 4th black Chanel bag. I love black bags but was thinking that's too many and I can't spend so much!!!

    I'm in a dilemma. Should I exchange the jumbo classic caviar for the Chevron? Or should I pass on the Chevron? I have some worries about maintaining the lambskin cos I'm quite careless. What do u think? Also, do u think the Chevron is a "classic" like the classic flap?

  2. i like ghw better, when i get a jumbo, it will be for everyday use, so caviar will def be good for that
  3. also, if u decide to get the chevron maxi, you can preorder the lipstick red lambskin shw from hirshleifers
  4. Yes get the chevron. And keep the jumbo cav ghw :smile:
  5. Hiya, my vote for the red chevron lambskin as well! It would add a nice pop of colour to your existing collection and this is a very shade of red! Although I love the black lamb chevron too..... :P
  6. Get the red lamb chevron.
  7. what? I thought the OP was saying she wanted a black lamb chevron, not red
  8. hey OP, welcome! Congrats!
    I toootally get your newfound addiction! me too! And i totally get the confusion... should I return x for newfound y, etc. etc.

    I would keep the black jumbo in cav. if I were you. Seems like it would serve you well.

    As far as the black chevron, hmmm. Can you wait a little little bit to see if it's a passing fancy or true love? How much do you have to have it? That is a lot of black bags. Unless you think you'll use it enough.
    You asked about the timelessness, I don't think chevron is quite as timeless as the classic flaps, that's what my SA said, but that's ok if you love it!! It's not like they are not timeless at all.

    Are you open to getting a color besides black?
  9. Thanks everyone for your help!

    @grateful: Yes! It is so confusing. I am open to other colours, especially red and beige but I was thinking of getting these colours in the classic flaps much later on, once I've saved enough. There are just too many beautiful bags and not enough funds :sad:

    But you are right, maybe I will wait a little and see if its really true love with the chevron. hehe

    Thanks again!
  10. I think the Chevron is just as timeless and classic as the usual diamond quilted pattern. Chanel has released the Chevron pattern many many times over the years. It's also nice to have something different and more unique as well.
  11. I vote for the chevron it is definitely a classic, it's actually a remake from the 90's. I would keep the Jumbo and buy the chevron if you are worried about having to many black purses than choose it in another color like red, that would be really yummy. I wouldn't worry to much about the lambskin it is more delicate than caviar but you really don't need to baby it and scuffs can be rubbed out by your finger.
  12. Thanks! I am still so tempted...I'm trying very hard not to think about it but having little success! haha :nogood: