HELP: Should I exchange with my favorite SA?

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  1. Hey guys, just bought a Keepall last nite and I think I am going to get an Eole instead. My SA is off for today. Should I wait for her to come back or should I rush to Neiman's and get me an Eole? I hate to think that she would lose her commission if I do the exchange with another SA. I guess I could wait for tomorrow but I just can't. I want the EOLE NOW :yahoo:I still have an hour and a half.
  2. The SA's do not work on commission so exchange it when it is convenient for you.
  3. ^^^that's not entirely true....they do not work on commission, but they do get bonuses based on meeting and exceeding yes, it will affect her income...

    I always wait until my SA returns for things like that.
  4. i would wait for your SA to come back
  5. I believe since your SA originated the sale she will get credit for the exchange. I know that when I go to my boutique, even if my SA is off that day, my receipt always reflect my SA's name. This applies to new purchases and/or exchanges. All the other SA's in the boutique know I am a customer of *****. You might want to call your store and ask about this.