Help! Should I exchange/complain about my Diorever

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  1. I recently went to Bicester Village. I wasn't planning on buying anything, but when I walked into Dior and saw the Diorever I was hooked. The SA that helped me was nice enough and I left to have a think about buying it. I came back a couple of hours later and the store was pretty busy. I had another look at the bag and then walked around to try to find an SA to get a new one from the back. Eventually someone came to help me. I told her immediately that I wanted to buy the bag and she looked shocked (?) and went to the back to get me a new one. She took it out of the dust bag and as I was looking I asked her if the little tab on the back can be opened to expand the back pocket more. She said it didn't and it was just there so that you could snap the sides together. This obviously isn't true as I found out after watching ONE review the tab does indeed 'open'.
    I looked at the base and noticed that there was only 1 plastic cover for the feet left. Two of the feet were scratched up too. I asked her why this was and she said that all of the bags were scratched up because they have customers looking at them. She specifically said the bag I was holding had a scratch on the front. I asked her where exactly as I couldn't see and she said 'Oh well, I can see, but that's just me. I know all the bags have little scratches here and there'.
    Finally, the bag had a 'slouch' to it. The front of the bag just underneath the crest dipped down and there were two creases in the leather. I asked the SA how to 'fix' it and she said I should keep the bag stuffed for a few days and she would put some more paper in it for me. I said ok and went on to pay for the bag. I have now had the bag stuffed for a week and it has not improved one bit. I'm worried that I was given the wrong advice- it just seems like the bag wasn't stuffed properly in storage, but is it possible for the leather to go back to being the correct shape?

    I'm very, very new to the world of luxury goods/bags and this was actually my first high end designer purchase. Even though I've not got a lot of experience in designer stores I can't help but think the customer service was sub-par.
    The bag was £1700 (I didn't think to look at the price tag so unsure of how much it would've cost in store and they removed it). It's the medium size Diorever and I actually don't know the official colour :sad:

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  2. If the scratches and sag are bothering you , you should return
  3. If you don’t feel comfortable with this bag maybe just exchange it or return if they allowed you to do !
  4. If you can still exchange, then do so. I'm not sure if outlet merchandise is final sale, though.

    When stuffing the bag, be sure to stuff it so that it pushes the curved part outwards (so that it is straightened). It may improve over time, but the structural support beneath the leather may have weakened due to this prolonged bending in storage so there is a possibility that it won't change much.

    If you wear it with the flap closed, then it is harder to notice since the flap would stop right at the crease and it would just look like a natural shadow cast by the flap.
  5. If you can exchange please do so as you should be happy with your bag. Mine also does not have this front crease
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