Help - should I end auction?!

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  1. Hi,

    I am selling a pair of CLs on ebay and I've gotten messages from a buyer who wants to BIN. I said I would only consider ending if I had a high bidder and this person then said they would give me a certain price (bid it) and then I end the auction. I have some days to go on it and plenty of watchers, BUT i am needing the cash. I have no bids, but that could start soon as people pretty wait until the auction is in its final days. My questions are: 1) If i end the auction and select this high bidder, will PayPal protect me -- I say clearly that I don't accept any returns? 2) Is this a smart thing to do -- or should I just encourage this user to start bidding at a lower price and then see if he/she ends up winning the shoes for lower than their current BIN offer? Is this person just trying to avoid a bidding war? I'm a bit apprehensive bc I've never ended an auction early but I also would like to get the most $ out of this.

    Any advice? Thanks!!!
  2. I'd wait. This is a common thing buyers do to get items at a low price. Wait it out.
  3. Yes, you can do it. EBay allows ending auctions early with selling the item to the highest bidder. The bidder has to place the bid, obviously. Alternatively, you can add a BIN feature to the auction if you don't have any bids on it yet. Any of this does not affect any coverage by Ebay or Paypal. (Anyways the coverage is mostly for bidders not sellers).

    Now whether you want to do it is another matter. It is up to you to decide what you want to do.

  4. I have had sellers do this for me and I have done this for buyers. If you like the price they offered, have them bid (any amount), choose the option to end the auction early and then you can select 'end early to high bidder'. Then, send an invoice to the buyer and add on the additional amount to equal the agreed price. You will still be protected if you follow all the rules of Paypal (confirmed address,delivery cofirm/signature confirm).
  5. Yes you can , you can put a BIN for the price you want .. hard call if you need the money. Does the buy have reputable feedback Id take that in consideration as well.

    Check Completed items are they selling or slow? lots to weigh up I guess.... Good Luck