Help! Should I cheat on my SA?!

  1. Warning: looooong post ahead :p

    When I went to get a wallet the SA who helped me was sooo great. She gave me detailed advice and literally spent 40 mins with me (I'm terribly indecisive). The store was teeming with other customers and while I was deciding she always excused herself before quickly attending with someone else. She always smiles and does all the good things SAs should do. I was so happy with her suggestion to get the pomme pochette wallet (I originally wanted azur french purse) that I specifically went to her for help the next time. She gave me her card after my second purchase, learnt my name and now approaches me when I come in to the store. She also gives her honest opinion when I ask for it.

    One day I went in and she wasn't there. Instead I was quickly approached by another equally nice SA who was just as friendly (if not more). I was just looking but she still spent ages helping me decide between two bags. At the end she gave me her card and told me to call 1 week before so she could make sure the bag would be there for me. I commented on how busy the store is during the afternoon and she said I can call to let them know I'm coming so they can arrange a suitable time, but I was like "huh? you can do that?!" and she retracted her statement :sweatdrop: Tell me, do stores actually do this, have I missed out on a VIP-esque opportunity? :p

    My dilemma: Sticking with SA1 makes it less complicated but also means avoiding SA2 because I feel bad about not following up with her sale.

    SA1 seems more knowledgeable (SA2 spelt cles without an 's' etc). I already have a relationship with her. But sometimes she makes me feel bad about 'wasting' my money on lv (it's probably all in my mind though!). She knows I'm a student and really should be saving plus I know she can't afford many lv bags herself. The first bag I bought off her she asked "is this for a special occasion?" and i'm like "err no, I'm just frivolous" (really embarrassed).

    I was thinking of alternating between the two or just going to another store in a more convenient location (is this cheating too? it's closer to me!!) but my purchases would show up on the computer when they bring up my account :push: Apologies for the essay!
  2. you're just lucky! you've got 2 super friendly sa's!
    You don't cheat on hem if you buy at another LV store!
    If they do think you are cheating, they aren't worth ya!
  3. Go w/the SA (or SA's) you are comfortable with. I have two LV stores in my city but buy my bags mostly from two SA's in different cities. The out of town SA's always call me when something new comes in and take really good care of me. In fact, I received a call about the patchwork speedy from an out of town SA. After I hung up w/her I immediately called my local store and asked if the patchwork speedy was in. It was, but they hadn't called me. Guess which one I bought from? I don't get same level or service or 'warm fuzzy' feelings from the local stores. Go w/your instinct on this. I don't think the two SA's will mind 'sharing' you!
  4. I have 3 SAs I rotate between. I def have a favorite and I try and use her when possible....but we all know that's not always possible. It's great to be friendly with more than one SA. I always call ahead and make sure 1 of them will be there and talk about what time works for them and let them know what I am looking for.

    Also, I talk with my main SA on the phone alot, she calls when something new comes in.
  5. use both! That way if ones not there you can use the other SA!! xx
  6. I would definately keep a good relationship with both.
  7. Ooo...that's a tough one... I'm still relatively new to my love for LV, and found my SA thru another HI tPF'r.. I can't imagine buying from anyone except her right now...which is good for my wallet b/c she's on a completely different island from me!

    I'm sorry I'm no help, but good luck! Maybe you could alternate SAs every other purchase? :p
  8. Since they don't make commission I don't think it's such a big deal.
  9. I would use both too. Also, I think it is possible to make an appointment with a certain SA? I'm always told I can do it and I'm no VIP! :p
  10. When I saw the title of this post I thought it said "Help! Should I cheat on my SAT" lol. I was like "Hmmm... I wonder what Louis Vuitton is going to do with this." Wow anyway... since they don't make commission I don't think they'll feel that bad. I think you should buy something from the lady who gave you the card, and go back to your other lady.
  11. I have 2 SA's I rotate around... I guess it never hurts to have more than one?
  12. I have about 3 SA's that I use on a regular basis, I think it may even help getting things the more people you can get to know in the store the better the chance of being remembered even the SA's I don't use (not deliberately just circumstance) know my name I was really surprised but I love my store and it's good to know I can use anyone in there if my SA is not available
  13. They don't make commission per se, but they do have quotas, and make their bonuses based on meeting quota, and % over quota, actually does matter....they way they have it set up is just a technicality, so they can commission ;)
  14. I think so as well. :yes: It's okay to have 2 SAs in case one of them is on leave or not on shift. I have 2 SAs in LV, Chanel and Prada.
  15. I don't see a problem. My regular SA's been out of town (getting trained in NY!!! arghhhh! lol) so lemme see.... I've had 4 different SAs serve me in the past 2 weeks! things get pretty confusing.... lol