HELP!! Should I buy this????

  1. OMG !!!! I would!!!! LOL!!! That's the cutest thing EVER! I've never seen it in pink!!!! GET IT!!!!

    Such an enabler....
  2. Too cute.. If you love it, buy it!!:tup:
  3. its adorable, i would buy it...let us know what you decide
  4. I bought it!!!:wlae:
  5. oooh that is cute!!! congrats!!
  6. I think I saw that in a boutique a few months ago. It was a nice color!
  7. congrats...its so cute!! :tup:
  8. Thank you everyone for your wonderful enabling!!! Hopefully, I will post pics of my collection soon.:p
  9. Darn you!!!! LOL!
    Now I think I NEED one!!! I can't find one on eBay. Poo! :sad:
  10. How cute!!! I see it was $3.00? Is that what you got it for?? I'm envious!!! So pretty!!! Congrats!
  11. No that is the shipping price. Dudette that would have been the deal of the century! She paid 34.99
  12. Sooooo cute! :smile: I love it! eBay is a danger zone of good deals!!
  13. Congrats!!! very cute
  14. very cute! congrats!