help! should I buy this for $964?

  1. hello ladies! just have this in my shopping cart at blue fly and would like to know how much this goes for retail wise? will i be getting a good deal for $964 total with shipping? i have a truffle gh city and am worried that it might be too close to that color! What do y'all think? tia:confused1:
  2. okay ladies i also have a PT ggh blanc in my cart (bluefly). PM me and i will release it . I will be up for another hour!:tup:
  3. how much is the white ggh pt going for on bluefly?
  4. well, with the 20% off code 3Q4Z29P it comes to 1060.75 usd. pretty good deal ya?
  5. I believe this style retails for $1125.
  6. I think it's a good deal if you want the bag... I wouldn't buy for the sake of buying