Help! Should I buy now or wait 6 days til Nice trip?

  1. I've been obsessing about the Prada gauffre e/w satchel in camel. The Bond St store in London has it for £1,130 and I could have it mailed out to me.
    But I'll be in Nice on Friday - should I wait and take the chance that the store has it so I can see it IRL before I buy??
    I'm desperately trying not to be impulsive!
  2. buy it now....They may not have it there.
    OH..And there is a store called JEAN CHARLES in NICE..has awesome designer stuff...Prada...Gucci...etc..U must go there .....My fave store!
  3. mmm I tend to buy when I can get the item in case it goes.
    Have a wonderful trip you lucky girl!
  4. Thanks girls - was hoping you'd all say to wait! Jill, I know the Jean Charles store, it is definitely getting a visit. I'm actually going to do something I never do and wait until next week. When you live out in the sticks & have to do everything mail order, there's something so exciting about going into the store and choosing. Please don't go 'I told you so' when I get there and they haven't got it and London has sold out!!
  5. sarajane...

    *Hi*!! Why don't you try calling the store in NICE to see if they have it? :graucho:

    Then you know your chances, and can either hold it with a cc or grab the other in London. That's what I'd do.

    The suspense would kill me, because you may come home with nothing. :sad:
  6. ^Yup..That's my buddy!!! I would do the exact same thing..I would spend ANOTHER $100 bucks to see if they even had it vs waiting ... I know..I know..anal Emmy....:yes:
  7. I think I have Jean Charles number around here somewhere..u should call and see what Prada they have in stock!!
  8. Yes, yes, call 'em up and see if they'll have it and hold it for you in Nice -- then you can wear it right there in France -- ooo La La!!!

    I *might* be going to Prada this weekend for "THE" bag, too! :p
  9. Buy now - exchange rate sucks!
  10. Good advice all. I think I'm going to call Prada in Nice and see if they have the bag. As I live in the sticks I never get to go to the Prada boutiques, so I really want the whole retail experience if I'm going to be spending over £1k. The buzz just isn't the same when it comes mail order.
  11. Sarajane, haha! I agree with you about the BUZZ not being the same! The only time I do mail is when it's the ONLY way to get something. I hate to "buy and wait." Once I make up my mind on a bag, I don't want any days in between having it to change my mind etc. And i want the experience, too!

    Anyway, enjoy your trip!! I was in Nice only once and years ago but I loved it! Your bag will be a wonderful "trinket" from your trip, too!
  12. Minette - you are so right. I'm itching to get into the shops right now, counting down the days. I love Nice. We go to the south of France several times a year as my family has a holiday place there but I hardly ever get into Nice shopping. Last thing the kids want to do in the summer when it's steaming.
    This long weekend is a trip with a girl friend who loves to shop as much as I do.
    One way or another I'm coming home with a e/w gauffre satchel in black or camel......