HELP should I buy it????

  1. I know all of you tpf people will help me make a rational decision ;) I have three hours to decide (I have a bag on hold)

    Should I buy the mono pochette riveting? I have a mono pochette already but this is different lol I did just buy the speedy and the agenda. HELP....
  2. If YOU love it, get it! But if it was up to me, I wouldnt get it. Its really cute and all but IMO too expensive for a pochette, Id rather have cerises or panda! But if your heart wants it, then you cant put a price on it!
  3. I love the mono riveting. I'd been wanting it ever since but there's so much stuff I want lately so I'm putting it off. You should get it. Mono and mono riveting are totally different.
  4. I think it is cute, but a little pricy for what it is!
  5. It is cute, but I agree it is expensive for a pouchette. Follow your heart, if you cannot imagine leaving it in the store than get it, if you are on the fence I would pass, KWIM?
  6. I think that if you are doubting it, then you probably shouldn't get it. Usually when I really want something, I can't imagine NOT getting it.
  7. how much is it??? (Just wondering since a few people said its pricey)
  8. YES!!! I love it!!!!
  9. I have 2 speedies, 4 Cles they all serve the same purpose but i still buy more because i really like it. If u Really want the riveting pochette get it, unless the $$ is needed for other more important stuffs..
  10. I decided not to get it because really it is beautiful but it is $700 I decided to get a bandeau and a key/change one. I love the Mini Lin and the brown denim. Any thoughts??
  11. My vote goes to Mini Lin.
  12. brown denim? is this new?
  13. If you love it you should. If you are having doubts - dont :biggrin: