HELP!!! Should I buy A Chole Paddy from BLUEFLY?

  1. Hi Everyone. I have 2 Chole Paddy in my cart and was wondering if i should go ahead and buy it? Do you think its authentic? I only want it if its authentic. Has anyone bought a Paddy from them?

  2. I saw a BV on Bluefly earlier that I REALLY want, but I'm not taking the chance based on the fiasco I have been reading about on here regarding the authenticity of their Balenciaga. I know I can return it, but I don't like the idea of fakes coming from a supposed trustworthy source. Leaves a bad taste in my mouth about the place.
  3. I purchased (and returned) one of their Chloe Buffalo Shoulder bags - authentic, just not attractive IRL. Yes there is a chance they're selling fakes that were purposefully returned to them. And yes, you can return, but I'd hate if they accused YOU of returning a fake instead of the original scammer... If you DO buy, I think there's a code for an extra 10-15% off somewhere....
  4. Bluely has a good return policy so you can return hassle free if you decide you dont want it. At this price, I would take the chance...
  5. Is it just me or are those paddy pics in the links looking a bit stiff and smooth?
  6. I was thinking the exact same thing! They don't seem too smooth because the leather does have some texture to them, but the texture doesn't look right either. They look too stiff too. First thing I thought when I saw them was also the dreadful four letter word: FAKE!
  7. ^^me too!
  8. The leather on those Paddys is definitely off! Way too stiff and shiny. I would stay far far away from this.

    And one thing about Bluefly's return policy- be careful. If you buy and return you could be banned from shopping from there if they decide that you have made "excessive returns". This just happened to my friend last friday when she tried to buy the ivory paddy (with a 15% coupon) and she got an email saying that they cancelled her order because of her excessive returns. Keep in mind, she has only made one order in the past where she kept some clothing but returned others for poor fit. And just like that she has been banned from buying anything from them without notice, and to be honest, for no good reason at all. They are an on line retailer and should expect people to buy things and return them if they do not fit. That is the cost of being an online retailer.
  9. I wouldnt chance it. The discount isn't that great.
  10. yeah just wait for other places to sell theirs at lower prices... bluefly is somewhat uhmmm, a major issue at this point...
  11. those paddies are definitely fake looking. i was shocked to see the khaki, it looks nothing like the leather on mine. very stiff and smooth as others said. and the handles look weird.
  12. Ditto ... leather looks VERY fake. Very stiff and not soft and slouchy at all. I wouldn't chance it. I bought my tan paddy from and am very happy.
  13. wow, I didnt know they do this...that's terrible.
  14. Oh dear...
  15. The green one doesn't resemble mine the least bit...