Help! Should I buy 35cm Gold Ostrich Birkin with Silver Hardware?!???!

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  1. Dear Birkin Lovers,

    Today I came across, at my local Hermes, a 35cm Gold Ostrich with Silver Palladium Hardware.

    In order for you to see what I am talking about in case you have not seen this bag, some similar bags are pictured on these ebay links. (I apologize if it is against a rule to post links from ebay, I have not been blogging for several months, so I may have missed a new rule.) I really don't know where else to get photos.

    Item number: 220059144410
    eBay: 30 HERMES NEW BIRKIN BAG Gold Ostrich & Gold Hardware (item 220059144410 end time Dec-18-06 19:31:40 PST)

    Item number: 220054686956
    eBay: 30 HERMES NEW BIRKIN BAG Gold Ostrich & Gold Hardware (item 220054686956 end time Dec-08-06 17:29:17 PST)

    Item number: 170053556472
    eBay: AUTHENTIC HERMES BIRKIN - 30cm COGNAC OSTRICH & GOLD HW (item 170053556472 end time Dec-03-06 08:11:23 PST)

    Item number: 220054686956
    eBay: 30 HERMES NEW BIRKIN BAG Gold Ostrich & Gold Hardware (item 220054686956 end time Dec-08-06 17:29:17 PST)

    So, I was sorely tempted. I saw it right before they closed, so I may come back in the morning. What do you think?

    1. the elegant ostrich seems so much more luxe than plain leather, and the spots make an interesting pattern vs. the plain solid average Birkin
    2. the color is neutral, which I wanted.
    3. the size is right (either 30 or 35 is what I wanted)
    4. silver hardware is good, because I often wear silver Blahniks

    1. The price is twice the normal Birkin $15,300.00, with tax, so I would need to sell some of my other things to pay for the loss.
    2. Do I like ostrich? What is the price of Croc? $30,000.00+? Is ostrich nice or creepy? (I had previously not liked ostrich very much, but when Hermes does it it is not nubby at all, but smooth and classy vs. Gucci ostrich where you can feel and pluck up the little bumps.)
    3. Will the leather/ color show marks easily? Is it too valuable to wear often? Will it freak me out to carry something that expensive? Will I be able to enjoy myself with it or will I always be in a panic?
    4. Is there a better neutral/leather that I have not seen yet in my future?

    What do you experts think? Would you go for it? Are you impressed by this bag? And if it is so desirable, as I thought this bag was, why have these ebay sellers not sold theirs? Are they selling fakes? Also, if their bags are real, is this bag not so rare?

    Calling all experts. I fear I will waste $15,300.00 in the morning if my head is not screwed on right.

    I want a neutral Birkin more than any other bag on the planet...really more than any other material thing. I am fanatic about it. Is there a better bag out there for me?

    Ahhhhhhhhhhhhh. I hate Hermes for having no holds and no return policy and no phone orders, but that is what makes them great too, right?

    By the way, happy Saks Fifth Avenue "Buy some get some day" 12/13/06!
  2. Ostrich Birkin Photo 1.JPG

    Ostrich Birkin Photo 2.jpg

  3. Ostrich.jpg

    Is this a good source for bag leather? Or is a cow any prettier?
  4. I cannot decide if ostrich or croc is better is for you. It's up to your opinion and preference. Ostrich can be used daily and everywhere provided you feel comfortable with it. If ostrich is creepy, then croc is creepy too because both are exotics. I love exotics and ostrich is very beautiful IRL. Yes, there are other neutrals available such as gold, black, white, chocolate in various leathers. It's all up to you. Shouldn't you know more? You're an ebay seller. i'm not sure if i'm correct but from what i noe, posting for the purpose of advertising your bags in order to sell them are not allowed in purseforum. So is it for you or the birkin will be resold?
  5. I stated several times that it was for myself. I am an ebay seller as many people are. Have you ever sold anything on ebay? :smile: I don't know much about Birkins, or ostrich or crocodile. I am no expert. I only have 150 or so feedbacks, only 40 or less from bags. This is for myself. Selling Birkins on ebay is much too scary anyway. Wow, what a loss if it never sold! Also, the links were not to my sales, but to another seller's sales, someone I don't know at all. I hope this clarifies. Happy Holidays!
  6. And, I am here for the purpose of knowing more. I want to know as much as possible to make a smart choice. I talked about it with my boyfriend, and he thinks I should definitely have a neutral birkin if that is what I want, however he was not sure if I need ostrich. He nearly talked me into it, saying that I could sell all my other bags and just have this ostrich birkin, which would be better than those bags combined. Do you think that one Birkin is better than having several other bags like Fendi Spy bags, Jimmy Choo Ramona's, YSL Muses, or would carrying the same bag every day for a while (till I could make more money), be too redundant and dull?
  7. Well, I think it's a lovely bag. And I (as many ladies have I belive) have sold many of my LVs to finance my one Birkin. But I do have a number of Chanels. And you can't have just one Birkin, I have found -- so I am plotting the next. LOL
    Good luck with your decision. I must say that while I thought for sure my next bag would be a vert anis birkin, I am falling more and more in love with the gold birkin, due in large part to ogling the gorgeous bags acquired by many of the members here.
  8. Sorry if I've hurt your feelings. I've send you a PM. Regarding about having one birkin is better or having several bags, I personally feel that it's better to own several bags instead of just a birkin. I mean I won't want to carry the same bag every day and owning just one bag. However, if you do really want the birkin, you may purchase because I myself think that it's beautiful IRL and gold is exquisite. At the same time, you may want to purchase less expensive bags not necessarily the branded ones for you to carry them during times when you don't want to carry the hermes birkin. Non-branded bags are equally as beautiful as branded ones and can last long if you maintain them well.:yes: It all goes by the mood.:supacool:
  9. Thanks for the feedback. Perhaps you are right. I wonder what others think, is it better to have 8 Chanel, Gucci, Fendi, Jimmy Choo etc. bags, or to have one ostrich Birkin?
  10. tAoA (hope you don't mind my abbreviating your name!): Here are my 2 cents:
    Is this your first Birkin? If so, I might consider getting something more basic that you might feel more comfortable with. As was stated before, you can't stop at just one....Hermes bags are like potato-chips! :popcorn:(or popcorn)

    When I was at my boutique in Europe I desperately wanted to place an order for an Ostrich birkin, gold with gold, very similar to the one you are looking at. It would have been my first Birkin. They actually talked me out of it, saying that, in their opinion, the "allure" of Ostrich will pass, and that for a "little bit more money", I could get a croc Birkin which would be much more timeless and classy. The SA felt the Ostrich bags were better reserved for after you've acquired all of the "necessary 5 or 6 birkins" (togo, chevre, croc, box, etc).

    Having said all that, I personally have always loved Ostrich, but more for a zap of color. I've started to be affected by those who call neutral-colored ostrich bags to look like raw poultry skin:sick:. It is a deeply personal preference and you have to go with what moves you.

    Also, regarding having other bags, I'm new to all things Hermes (2006!), but with just 1 Kelly and 1 Birkin I have a hard time carrying anything else! I've become "disenchanted" with many of my other bags and have sold them on eBay. Life is much simpler with a few things you love vs. many things that are "eh". I stilll keep a few other bags around to "round out" my collection, but none of them are the trendy "IT" bags that will result in serious depreciation once the Next Big Thing comes out - they are all classics as well.

    Sorry this is so long, but I hope it helps! Good luck with your decision.;)
  11. I firmly believe having fewer but better is the way to go in all things. So, having said that, I might suggest an Hermes Classic color/leather for your first bag and then branch out.

    And what WINGNUT said about the trendy bags.......WELL SAID, WN!!!!
  12. If I came across a gold ostrich birkin, I would grab it. You have to decide if you love it. With $15300, you could get 2 regular leather birkins, so you must love love love it without a doubt before buying it. That's my opinion.
  13. I second what WN and shopmon said. IT bags always have a short lifespan and they lose their value very quickly. This is not the same with a Hermes Kelly or Birkin. Even if you have only 1 Birkin, and carry it every day .... everyday you will feel proud and walk taller, and feel more elegant. Timeless.
  14. well said ladies. I started my birkin collection with the entry level classics -black and gold. I rarely venture into my other bags and I won't sell all of them (I have 3 daughters) but I will sell many. I only want to carry hermes now. Yes I have a little more bounce in my step and even if no one else even knows what a birkin is, I know it. I might try a classic first just to make sure this is the bag for you, but I love the gold ost. too, I just think when I go for exotic I want my kelly in croc. It's a big jump for your first.
  15. I would pass on this one for a first fact, I passed on a similar bag (gold ostrich 35 birkin GH) for my second birkin... I think you should wait if you have any questions...IMHO, a more classic (as well as safe choice) would be a birkin in black, gold, or another "staple" leather color... Of course it is a matter of personal choice, I would choose two leather birkins or one croc birkin over an ostrich (would not have know this, however, without having been offered an ostrich birkin)... Good luck with your decision!