HELP!!! should i bid on this edith?


    it's my perfect bag. There's only one picture, and I've emailed the seller (twice) to request more pics, and the seller hasn't been responsive. BUT it doesn't seem that the seller is a huge seller - probably some girl cleaning out her closet - and her feedback is 100%. and i've posted her other items in the authenticate threads in other forums, and the response seems to be that her other items are authentic.

    so...should i risk it? if i do bid and it's not authentic, does paypal have my back?

  2. I have had a few friends that have gotten ripped off. I only trust store shopping. I wish everyone was honest so we wouldn't have to worry about it.:shrugs:
  3. You may want to post this in the authenticate this thread so that it gets the attention it deserves
  4. ^^i already did, someone replied that with only one pic, it's hard to tell. should i risk it?
  5. I would not risk it. Bad sign if seller is unresponsive!
  6. darn! i was really hoping someone would be, like, yes, risk it! and then i could get the bag i wanted. but i suppose you're right....

    anyone else wanna chime in?:yes: