HELP: shopping in downtown soho, nyc

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  1. I will go to NY ,will stay in soho for several days.
    Can anyone give me a hint where I can get BV?

    Is Century 21 department store has BV boutique?

    Thanks a lot ! :heart:
  2. And do they have good price there?

    Is it worthy to go there?

    :tender: thanks
  3. Hi there lnyc!!:flowers:

    If you are visiting NYC, you've got to go to the BV boutique (699 Fifth Ave.)!!! Saks (611 Fifth Ave.), Bergdorf Goodman (754 Fifth Ave.), and Barneys (660 Madison Ave.) also carry BV and they are all in walking distance.

    I haven't been back to Century 21 for ages and don't know if they carry BV. I know that they have good bargen items but it was so crowded and hectic and things were all over the place when I went there.:wacko: It sure is a popular spot though.

    Have fun in the city!!
  4. mm, isn't century 21 the discount store? they might have a couple BV pieces but they won't have a boutique. i think there is one on 5th avenue. You'll have to take a train to 59th street from Soho.