Help! shoes or boots with this dress?? please :)

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    Hi dear stylish pfers!

    Could you help me please? should i wear black leather knee boots with this dress or pumps? I'm going for the DH's company's xmas party this week and it's going to be pretty casual...what do you gals think?

    thanks in advance!

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  2. I say pumps..
  3. Boots!
  4. Knee-high Boots!
  5. hmm 2 against 1 LOL, thanks gals~
  6. I'd say boots too =)
  7. I say boots too!
  8. One more for the boots!
  9. thanks gals! :smile:
  10. boots will make it more casual and heels will dress it up...depends what look you are going for...
  11. pumps!
  12. boots for me as well!
  13. pumps
  14. I'd wear pumps.
  15. Go for boots! :tup: