Help! Shoe suggestions for this dress...

  1. I just bought this dress today from the local J. Crew store. It's for my mom's wedding in June.


    Now the question is, what shoes to wear with it? The wedding is from 12p-3p in Palm Beach, so since it's in the middle of the day in summer, I don't think the black patent sandals I have are appropriate. They're too dressy. I'm going for a more casual look. Shoe suggestions are appreciated! The polka dots and sash are black, FYI, not navy ;)

  2. I think strappy shoes like the one she has one are cute....
  3. Yeah, after I posted the thread I saw the shoes in the picture and thought, "Hmm!" :p But I was also thinking a nude/beige color, since the dress is beige. It looks lighter in the photo.

    Photos of shoe suggestions are welcome, if you come across any ;)
  4. red!

  5. I found these pair of Kate Spade flats in red. They're super cute :nuts: They're also in black. Opinions, anyone?

  6. Cute dress...I too am thinking red!! Or maybe some other bright color strappy sandal like fuschia...
  7. i like the shoes she has on in the picture too :smile:
  8. Red? Yikes...really should stay with a black high heel, either strappy or peep toe. It is not really a casual dress and flats would be a huge mistake here...only thing besides black would maybe be silver metallic w/matching bag/clutch but I really think black is the best way to go. Nude is also not great. Sorry.
  9. i like the idea of red with it. and with polka dots, the dress pops enough on its own that red shoes will not draw all the attention away from it. red shoes are elegant yet casual and fun, and perfect for day time.
  10. Thanks for all the opinions and suggestions, everyone!

    j'aime - Those are hot shoes! I think they might overpower the dress, but I was almost tempted to order them and wear them with other stuff LOL! They're stunning.

    I definitely want to keep the shoe casual, since it's summertime and the wedding is in the afternoon. Nude has crossed my mind, because it might give the illusion of longer legs? :graucho: But most of the nude shoes I've come across are patent leather, something that I'm not sure would go well during the daytime. I also want open toe or peep toe.

    I think I might have to make a trip to the mall with the dress in tow. Hmm!
  11. Yah i don't know about flats...a bit of heel will make you walk nicer in a dress
  12. Maybe esparilles wedges??? They give a casual but chic feel to the outfit... try to find one with black uppers to match the dress (CL's???)

    But I would suggest for sure open-toe shoes. Closed-toe shoes would be too stuff for this dress, you should play up the sweet and flirty style of the dress :smile: