Help! Shoe Crisis!!

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  1. Help!
    I recently bought a pair of gucci wedges (nonreturnable, by the way) without trying them on. They fit great generally all over except, they seem a little too big (long) in the toe area. They fit perfect everywhere else, just there is about a half inch of room where my toes end to where the sandal actually ends. I can walk in them comfortably, but am worried about people noticing that they are slightly too big. I will post pictures later to show what i mean. Has anyone ever heard of a cobbler being able to shorten the footbed, i know it sounds crazy, but i just need like a .5 to .25 inch taken out from the sandal toe area. Or do you think that i am just overreacting and maybe its not that big of a deal. Please help with any suggestions, to make them appear smaller!!!!
  2. Sometimes shoes look like that just by virtue of their design, I doubt any cobbler could adjust a shoe like that as it would mean chopping the front off
  3. Thanks mooks! Im also thinking that once i actually wear them for a little bit, the straps might stretch and my foot will actually slide forward a small amount leaving less room.....I havent actually worn them more than around the living room.
  4. Do you have a pic?
  5. agree, my shoes always stretch a bit in the front and i actually then have to put in foot petals if they stretch too much, to keep my feet from sliding too far foward! :nogood:
  6. sandal2.jpg


  7. I think they look fine and agree that as the strap loosens, your foot will slide forward.
  8. Thanks for all your input!!! I have been wearing them around the office all day, and sure enough, the leather has stretched a bit and my foot has begun to slide forward!!! I am soooooo happy!!! These are my first gucci's and I was so upset that i was going to look like an idiot in huge shoes! But now i am glad that everyone has reassured me enough to at least wear them a little. Actually i think a smaller size may have been too small.
  9. They don't look too big on you, they'll end up being perfect before long.....wear them well!!
  10. Thanks Mooks!
  11. I had a similar problem and the SA in the shop recommended insole inserts which are half the regular size & just cover the pad of the shoe (say 2-3 inches) in the same shade as shoe because my foot was slipping forward but the size below was too small and they were otherwise perfect. It works well with shoe although they were peeptoes not open like your's.